Show some wooden yoyos you've made

(Spinworthy Glen) #245

Making a very shiny Harbinger for @codinghorror, and a very wide, thick rimmed unresponsive for someone else.

(Spinworthy Glen) #246

This was a bit of an experiment to see if I could push the width of a wooden unresponsive further and keep it pretty smooth. This one is 46mm wide with a 55.8mm diameter. It only weighs 52g but plays extraordinarily well and is remarkably smooth. I gave it a small Spinworthy unicorn engraving; something I’m planning on doing with all of my one of a kind yoyos.


That’s so cool! Great Job!


How smooth does it play?

(Spinworthy Glen) #249

No visible vibe.


Ooh that looks nice! I was just throwing my spin worthy unresponsive this morning, I 100% recommend.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #251

It looks wonderful and I love the shape of the gap.

(Spinworthy Glen) #252

I like this one a lot. It performs like something that is decently rim weighted so it stays on plane nicely. I’m going to adjust it a little to get the weight up and probably release it as my first wooden unresponsive sold at an online store.


This one is one of the first I made. Pretty basic maple “wing” shape with an oak axle. It plays and feels very much like a legend wing, but it’s got a bit more of an angular feel in the hand. My best playing model by far. Maple is hard to beat when it comes to yoyos. Great density, not too heavy, not too light, can be polished to a shine or left more dull. Hard enough to withstand some knocks too.

This one is made of hickory. A very heavy wood! The yoyo weighs in at something like 61g. A slightly modified wing shape with an oak axle. Plays like a rock so I don’t really like doing fixed axle tricks on it, but double wrap the string and just use it as a chill throw and it’s quite pleasant. Like tossing a baseball.

This one is made of poplar so pretty light and frankly the wood can get dinged and dented pretty easily (not much heavier than pine really) so I thought I’d play with some leather dye and varnish and make it rusticated looking. I think it came out pretty cool. It looks like it was a piece of an old barn or something maybe… It plays great, but is very light. Probably kind of a personal thing but I like how quick it is. Not a long spin time though.

This one I made today. Walnut with an oak axle. If you’ve ever played a purpleheart yoyo…it feels like that. Also quite a heavy wood (though not quite as much as the hickory one). It’s JUST BARELY under what I would call “too heavy” so you can still do all the fixed axle stuff you’ll want to do and it has an awesome spin time so you can pull off some of the trickier stuff maybe. An acquired taste, but quite fun once you get used to it!

(Spinworthy Glen) #254

Wow!! Love these!


Thanks man! High praise coming from you.


Found some birch. This might be my new favorite wood. It’s tough and weighty but not too heavy, so it plays nice and smooth. And the grain has just enough character to look interesting and unique, but not too wild to throw off a consistent density. It’s expensive wood around here though.

(Spinworthy Glen) #257

Very nice! It’s yellow birch, right? That has a really nice toughness and density for yoyos.


Nice work in this post! I need to find & dust off my tools and see what I remember and try a yo again. Last I did was these ole things years ago. I miss it, just not enough to have gotten back too it I guess lol.


Correct. I like how the grain looks kind of layered. With the dark speckling and the underlying waves.

(Spinworthy Glen) #260

Yeah, It’s nice. Love that little knot on the face too.

(Gethin) #261

Woah those pills are stellar!


Simple yellow pine.

I wanted to make a huge fixed axle so this is 68mm diameter. It feels interesting! It plays great. It is a bit weighty but easy to land tricks. I used pine because it’s cheap for an experiment but the weight is also right for a big yoyo. Not very durable though, dents easy.


Gonna have to string this bad boy up and dust off my Pill skills today!


It’s Alive! Glad to see it’s holding up too.

Here’s what I though about trying a yo on but I think the inclusions will run too deep for a balanced spinning yoyo. It is Box Elder burl with flaming which is natural and sits at 110mm dia now.
Which got me to thinking about dynamically balancing it. Anybody do this already and want to share? Was a necessity on my high speed R/C props and EDF turbine blades. Did mine by hand, or bought them already tuned since manufacture’s have machines that do it too.