Show some wooden yoyos you've made

Yes. Yes we would!


I haven’t yet, but sending the counterweights was easier than I expected. Most of my protos are on display in Brandon Vu’s YouTube studio if you look closely at the background of his videos.

I can post a BST for this one if you’re interested. Would include a CW and some freshly made strings


I would most definitely be interested!

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Looks like you have a buyer already lol.

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I mean maybe several…

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Wood need to be dense.

I need to raise funds and people don’t seem particularly interested in my current BST posts.

If I made a wooden unresponsive, would that raise more interest for any of you guys?


I can’t remember, but when you have made them in the past, did they sit around or sell quick?

If that Bloodcell was in oak I would have swooped it up in a gosh darn second. Not sure how it’s evaded being purchased this long.


I second this. Oak, Wenge, Walnut, Rosewood. I would have snatched.


There will never be a rosewood or wenge one piece spinworthy which is all I make nowadays. There are no wood blanks in the correct size and if there was it would cost a fortune.


I know 2 people have played with the Dead 'Orse PIF so far.

Maybe there would be interest in those.

I would love a Golden Wattle Dead 'Orse.

The 1 piece Golden Wattle Knack is my favorite wood I have of yours.


I might see if I can make a couple of bloodcells today. One oak and one walnut.


I could try to make a couple of those too.

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Oh man, an oak Bloodcell and more Dead ‘Orse’s sound great! Now I just need to wake up early enough to catch the BST.


Thanks for Clarifying. I forgot you switched to one piece throws.

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So two Dead 'Orses, one golden wattle, the other oak.

Also, two Bloodcells, one walnut and the other oak?


Personally, I’d love a maple Dead ‘Orse and an oak Bloodcell.

I am also interested in a Dead ‘Orse…

I’ve been playing only @Pun1sh3R’s Dead ‘Orse for July and I will be needing a replacement for when I eventually send it along to its next host.

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I’m in for a Dead 'Orse as well for certain! Dealer’s choice on the wood, I don’t have a Golden Wattle wood throw yet though myself, but will happily take what I can get.