One yo-yo for rest of your life

I have been struggling with top 5 for months. I just cant pick 1.

I’m gonna change my one. I would do my FD mod 44 c bearing and all its interchangeable rims including 3d printed stuff. Is that cheating?

Like I could have it as a looper or butterfly get some blanks and what not

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Good Life Mantra. Easy.

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I could happily throw only an eH (maybe a 2018 or DeHcade version) OR an SF era No Jive for as long as they’d hold up.

Really I feel like I could pick up any number of throws, use only that one and continue to enjoy throwing. Variety is it’s own fun, but it’s not essential to me.


Really tough decision…but I’ll go with my 1st run chief

probably a magnolia. i could 1a, 3a or 5a it and it would be good at all of them. great performance, comfy, durable.

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How do you do that? Do you have a blank or do you just take the bearing out and put the string on the posts?


Peak. They belong in art museums they’re just so pleasing to look at


How does the haymaker x play?

I currently own a grasshopper 2.0 and am curious about other Duncan bi metals

Where did you get the raw/silver Klondike?

I love the design and colour

Wonderfully. It always does what I want it to. :wink:

Klondike or Haymaker X

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Rip 3a players

I make a blank out of a mr85 bearing. You can buy them in bulk from A. You then deshield and clean. I use JB weld steel epoxy to fill it in. Works great for me!

I considered getting blanks made but I was worried to invest and then have the tolerances not be right. So instead I just do this for now, it works great and is a lot cheaper. I would still love to have a solid stainless steel mr85 blank some day.
Edit: I know it does seem silly since a bearing would require way more accuracy than a blank, but that’s the economies of scale for ya! I also know that some people take offense to me bricking bearings, but I just really enjoy playing modern responsives as fixies, particularly the RBC.

I know that @MarkD has played the RBC with no bearing. I personally didn’t like this setup though, because it causes a gap between the axle and response pads which can make the response laggy.


It has a long name SudoParlayPanoramaSummitKunoshPeak2 it is a really ugly yo-yo

I failed again. It could not just be one……


I see you post about Klondike a good bit. You should really try the Few and Far between Inception. It has the same kinda feel as Klondike but I think it’s significantly better. One of the best yo-yos I’ve ever played if not the best. It also has Titanium rims.


I’ve used the Inception pretty extensively. It’s a solid yoyo for sure, and as unique as titanium rims make the yoyo feel, I greatly prefer SS rims on bimetals. They tend to be a bit more effective when it comes to spin power in my experience. Glad you found something you like… it’s all preference based at the end of the day.


I’ll have to check back after the honey moon phase but this has taken the cake.


Probably the Hydrogen Crash or the Mowl M+ as my yo (50/50 split).

String: Nytro+
Response: Mowl pads (mouse pads are better for the price point but Mowl pads fricking rule)
Bearing: NSK silver

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