If you could have a ... for the rest of your life

If you could have a type of string for the rest of your life, which would it be. I made this thread for 2 reasons.

  1. I’ve never seen this thread before.
    2.I am looking for a string to use, I like highlights and Gator Floss, but the dont make it any more… :’(

Thanks guys!

I like the hilights.

Perfect Fit String 20/80.

brazillian mondo, angel hair,. and alchemy

where do you even buy angel hair string

Its not listed here so I’ll tell you where to buy it
its not listed here so that should be fair


yoyogstring is pretty good they got different formats for different types of play. They’re pretty good. Don’t be mad guys.

Lol your on my side.
YEah, I’ve heard very good things about there string



Other than that, Highlights.

sigh. white cotton 8.

Green Scream 100% polyester. Gotta love that.

Nah, My strings (No name yet, But it’s 100% Polyester)

other than that

Intentus, SSE or Spintastics Slick 6 as what Kohta Watanabe said to me for his Kohta Suicides :smiley:

I recommend yoyo expert string.

White elements are the bomb after like 6 straight days of play.

But for me, Threadz, Alchemy, yoyogstring, yellow type 6 poly, and Chaos 422.

Out of all of those, Chaos 422 is the bomb.

Sry for the thread jack but which string last the longest?

I can’t seem to find Perfect Fix Strings, were can I get a set? I’ve been wanting to try them out.