Ive got string problems

listen i have major string probs. i almost always use a C.w. even for 1a because i have found that that makes the strings last alot longer but iwas just watching a youtube vid and i was thinking that i would not be able to do mast of those tricks with a cw because that would just get messy. I use cotton but i want to get some poly soon just because ive heard that they last alot longer but then ive heard from people that even yyn highlights will only last them about three hours. anyway any suggestions about what string i should buy from whom would be greatly appreciated thanks :slight_smile:



  • Expensive but worth it.

Angel Hair:


-Stiff as a stick but amazing after a while, Lasts forever.

YYN Highlights:


-It does wear easily, but it’s great and slick, 1 should last you 3-5 hours.



  • One of my favs, probably 2nd to G-string, Lasts about 5-7 hours?

And I wouldn’t use a CW for 1A it makes it much easier to get what you want. It’s easy to remove them, do you have standerd Duncan or Homemade?


How long the string will last will depend on you, your play, and your preference. Some people just love the feel of a fresh string and change strings constantly.

i like a fresh string that doesnt twist when brought together but. so i might look into that angel hair but that stuff is expensive

The guys at Infinite Illusions have been playing with this stuff for about a month now. Their strings are lasting not hours, not days but weeks.

Get 15 of those? And they probably play WAY mopre then you do, IMO it’s easier than getting 500 YYN highlights.

EDIT: Take it from the eXpert:

Holy! Wha?!? Angel Hair! Good! - General Yo-Yo - YoYoExpert Forums

thanks to Kim and Evan If anyone else has any suggestions for for or agaianst a certain type of string lay it on me

What? Don’t look at me like “some people” JK. Anyways, I am burning through my slicks now. This is off-topic, but empirestrings, my mailbox is waiting for your strings. I need to get a lot of supplies I can’t afford right now.

To get to the actual tip. If you don’t want to buy strings, you can snatch som polyester sewing-thread from your mother/grandmother/father(yes) and make your own string. This may take some practise, but remember, G-string started out like that and not to mention PFS started out like that (I guess). So you might end up with some hefty string.

Addment: The advantage of making own string, is that you can customize them.

Here’s the skinny:

Holding the CW while throwing 1a is… bizarre to say the least. If you want shorter string, just cut it. Also, 100% cotton string is not known as the most durable type of string. I’d definitely invest in some 100% Poly or 50/50.

I have Angel Hair. It actually has phases. In the first week it is painful and stiff but have great whips. The Second and Third week, it was smooth and kept tension. Overall, it is good stuuf if you can pass the pain and stiffness. I personally don’t think they are my favorite but they last really long and are decent. 8/10

Heres the famed/infamed DocRobot’s review.