Long Lasting Yo-Yo string?

This is probably not the right place to talk about this but i need a type of yo-yo string that’ll lost longer than normal one’s. My dad( who works in the army) is my “supplier” so he can’t buy me some whenever i need it. which one’s longer lasting? 100% poly?

You may want to try out Angel Hair. But there’s a lot of string that lasts pretty long.

YoYoNation Highlights for me…

Highlights are good, but don’t last particularly long. G strings last a long time, prob 5x to 10x longer. They do have a very different feel though (not a bad thing, just different).

Don’t forget Element String from gm user. They last me about 5 days of hard play.

So do Perfect Fit Strings. They last very long too. You can get 10 for $3 from Jeromy K: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=262

I have heard Element String is good too. You can get 5 for $3 from gm user:

Shipping also…

$6.00 for 10 from GM
$5.00 for 10 from Jeromy K.
That includes shipping for both.
Not much diffrence in cost.

i use yyn highlights but after talking with samad i think that i am going to try and order some perfect fit string. when i get some money