longest string life

What string, in your opinion, lasts the longest. And is there any way to prolong the life of your string?

Any string if cryogenics is involved.

The first Element string that I tried seriously lasted for a week and a half of hard play.

ditto. element strings last me a week, easily, and I usually change my (poly) string twice a day.

I used the same Perfect Fit string for about three weeks… Hard play split up between two yoyos… so I guess semi hard play… Its disgusting now though… Like I put it side by side of a new one same color… Crazy… Ill take a pic for you guys…

alchemy string lasted me through about a week. then my freind needed a string so i gave him the same string. then lke three weeks later we traded some yos and he had the string on the chain reactor he gave me and it still works fine

Ok… Check this weird GT thing I got when I was learning Brent Stole (Its solid now)

Check the date… It was a few days old in that pic…

The string on the right… its thinner, lighter, felt awful, played worse… BUT, its still playable… I have been reading Cones to Balls so I try to make my string last…

Check the date…

where can i get element string? does it come in packs of 100?

Gator Floss - sadly… :’( Got one on a trade with a Bully like over a month ago, and still haven’t changed it (granted I don’t use that yoyo nonstop, but quite a bit) - still going strong. Just wish I had discovered them before he stopped making them. sniff

more or less no string lasts a great amount longer. I’ve tried different strings and I’ve found that you would be hard- pressed to find a string that will last a great deal longer than another… depends on your play, i guess. ( although i have heard of this thing called angel hair string… supposed to last a while.) 8)

I have found Angel Hair to last me the longest (3.5 weeks) but it is prone to string burns and is stiff until it is broken in.

I’m cheap when it comes to strings. I decided to play with a YYJ 50/50 string until it broke, just to see how long it took. Playing at least 2+ hours a day, it took 7 days exactly to break. I’ve heard of people changing their highlights after 30 minutes, and I’m sorry, you’re wasting your money. I’ve never had one break. I just play with it until the tension becomes almost unplayable. I usually end up changing them after about 5-7 days.

I had angel hair string and really did not like it. It was super slick so it was difficult to bind with. It was advertised as a string that is good for slack tricks but it needs to bind properly first. Thats just on man’s opinion though I am sure there is someone out there that loves it. ???

I’ve had a cotton ctring on my hot shot for months. I guess that the fact that I don’t play with it would be a factor, though.

Perfect Fit String for me.

Paolo makes Element strings I believe in one five pack at a time…PM him if you want to order

Edit: I once used cotton string on a mosquito for one month it depends how pickey you are…

Angel Hair lasts about 2 weeks, I don’t enjoy it but it does.

Threadz lasts about 1.5weeks, my personal favorite.

Beams. I almost finished your stringyz!

And Xdohls had a highlight on his luchador that lasted him about 8 months, never changed it.

I agree that Element strings last so long. Been playing a white one for a week, not even close to dead. Also,

I play for around an hour a day, and my strings last up to 3 weeks in a dark magic.

However, I got my M1 around the 3rd week of october, play it for an hour a day, and it’s still in there! Same string. I dunno why… and it’s still perfectly godly. Just lost a bit of tension, but it looks the same… except just a little dirtier. Maybe I should wash it.

Ive had a red frozen fire on my Axiom for almost a month of 2+ hours a day, and it is just now starting to fray. w00t

BTW, it is still for sale if anybody wants it!