String Life

(PutridNebula) #1

How long do your strings last and how often do you throw? I apologize in advanced if this has been posted before but tonight my search feature here on YYE seems not to load at all… odd.


my strings last for about 3 days . Maybe a good average would be about 3 hours a day! :slight_smile:


Mine last about a week or two.


Mine usually last between a week and a week and a half depending on how much I use it. Usually I throw for 30-60 min a day. I use Highlights.

(Infinite Chaos) #5

Same, except I usually change 'em out every 4 to 7 days.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #6

Mine lasted 2 months. My friend’s string


Mine lasted for a week. I played for 3 hours a day.


Highlights can get me from 1-3 days.

Perfect Fit String used to go a week and a half to two, but now it’s more like 5-9 days.

(PutridNebula) #9

hrmmm I guess I have been wasting strings, I pitch my highlights when I cant burn my fingers on em anymore, My alchemy strings… well those are just a pain to unknot sometimes, but those last me about 3-4 days, and my slick 6 lasts about a week, I made this topic to see if I was wasting strings, looks like I most likely am, must conserve :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I am currently unemployed so I yoyo like 9 hours a day on days that I decide to yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude, I’m with you there.

And I strings last me anywhere from 3 days to a week depending on how much I throw in a given period of time.

(Jonathan Brasell) #11

My name is Jonathan and I’m a string waster. (Hi, jonathan)

I’ve been wondering myself if I’m changing my strings too soon. I’m experimenting with what kind of strings I like. I like strings when they’re brand new and once they get woolly I get frustrated with them. Sometimes that’s after maybe of 4 hours of play. I’ts been about 2 months since I’ve broken a string.
Last week I got a bundle of 100% poly strings and they’re a little more enjoyable to me than 50/50’s Not sure why, really. they feel softer and string tricks are smoother because there seems to be less friction. Idk. I’m just playing around with stuff, still trying to figure out what I like.

Last night I gathered up my old 50/50’s that I hadn’t thrown away and I put them in a jar with some liquid detergent and hot water and washed them. I rinsed them and hung them up to dry. I dried one (100?% cotton) with a hair dryer and played it. Actually not bad, this particular string I originally didn’t care for after 10 minutes of play, but washing it may have done something magical. definatelty worth a shot.

You may want to get a small pack of Angel Hair strings. I’ve had one that I keep passing around my throws string to break it in. I could spare a couple if someone would send me a few some Alchemy Strings to try out.


Highlights last me about 2-3 hours. If it’s the weekend and I’m bored, more like 20-30 min. ;D


Mine last 2 months, with around an hour a day.

Then again, I make mine specifically for durability. However, I’ve found that it works crazy well. It’s really good, just a little stiff, otherwise, perfect.

I also made another string, a little experiment. I have a string made of 75% polyester, and 25% plastic sewing string. It is still as good as new. Never broken, and I’ve played it for like… 6 months? and then have only used it when I didn’t want to make new strings. It’s crazy stiff, but still, it never breaks.


Highlights last me about a day, playing a coupled hours throughout. I LOVE Alchemy, they last me about a week or two. Angelhair… I have been using one string for about a month now with the only complaint being break in time.

(Zer0) #15

i don’t know about my string. I play 8 hours a day (i play in public and im out alot) and ive got my string to last 1month to 1 and 1/2 months.

(Jonathan Brasell) #16

I just played on a few that I washed. I’ll be doing this again. It put the strings back in the sweet spot and they played well for me. Give it a try if you’re changing strings often.


what??? :o :o :o :o that is incredible!!!


It depends on the type of string I use at the time highlights seem to last longer, 1 to 3 days tops. Slick 6 about 2 to 3 hours. When practicing for a contest i go through string like crazy.


2 months isn’t that much. If you make your own, I believe the quality is much better.


couple of hours.