String.. How to tell when it is gonna need to be brought outback and shot...


Subject/Title says it all. :stuck_out_tongue: So how do you tell? I generally throw it away when it breaks. Im frugal. How about yous guys?


I use Highlights mostly and when they get frizzy toward the yoyo or they break. They seem to not slack as well and the loop for suicides isn’t a loop anymore. Of course this only takes me about half an hour or so.


How often do you yo? like 6 hours non-stop? lol


I throw it away also, but I have some cool ideas for old string.

  • Make a yoyo holder
  • Make an art project (Wreath, etc.)
  • Make yourself look like Bob Marley or George Washington
  • Make Christmas decorations out of it
  • Use it as fill-in grass
  • My favorite: TP your teachers house (No, I never did that)


I usually use them until they break unless they are just killing my finger because they’re so used/old.


No I said it only takes me 30 minutes or so. Not 6 hours. I like a fresh string. What can I tell ya.


wow… i obviously wasnt thinking straight, it was supposed to be more of an experience comment… but nvm… but i know what you mean about the "fresh string. It is my preferance, but not my wallets.


I Go through an Alchemy in a day of play.

Highlights… about 30 minutes and trash for me. 50/50 is the same.

I’m picky.


I don’t like alchemy. Has this wierd feeling to it. Some do though.


Im not godly, or even good at yoyoing lol, but i go through like a string every 3-5 days. I generally yo for at least 2 hours everyday, especially at work, and it still takes that long. I use the 100% polyester on this site.


I also yoyo about that long (usually) and I use 100% cotton and it still lasts me a few weeks, contrary to people’s beliefs that cotton doesn’t last very long as all. It does get kind of nasty though.


Agreed. Same here.


i go through a yoyoguy dayglow string in around 3-4 days and i yoyo around 5-7 hours since were on vacation


It depends on the string I’m using. I’ve never broken a string, but here are the general times I use each string respectively.

Highlights or 50/50 - 1-2 hours
Chaos 122 - 1 day (3-4 hours of play)
G-string Intentus/SSE - 1-2 days (6-ish hours of play)
Gatorfloss - 2-4 days (6-12-ish hours of play)

This is basically when I find the strings fraying and not holding tension as well. I generally like the new of a new string as many have said before.


So you’re risking your $20 - $200 yo-yo because you’re “frugal” and don’t want to replace a $0.10 piece of string?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #16

I usually use highlights for a day.
And my friend’s strings for a week - 2 weeks.


That makes sense. However, if you play on carpet or grass you’re ok.

Actually what I end up doing is playing until it’s somewhat crummy then putting it on a lesser yoyo and then using it until it breaks.


A point is made! String is string, no matter what. I use it until it breaks. I’ve had the same string for about a month straight, and it runs perfectly.


I’m not that picky. I’ll go through 50/50 in about a day, and Highlights in a few hours. I rarely play for long periods straight. Usually, I play for 5 minutes, so something else, play for 10 minutes, do something else. But when I start making up a trick, I yoyo a very long time.


I kind of agree, i guess my DM is taking that risk… but i generally play on grass, i play at work and im a security guard, so i drive around my patrol area then i stop at a cool well lit place and yo for about 5-30 mins, then resume duty. I sometimes yo at this 76 station at Ventura,Sherman Oaks which is all concrete, so i do take a lil bit of a risk… maybe ill start buying strings in 100 packs… cheaper too…

and just because it made me lol, picture a man, a rent-a-cop, with a huge gun on his waste, yoyo-ing. Thats what i look like to people on the street. lol.