What string do you think last the longest time?

Say only your opinion.

Toxic bg yellow jackets imo.

I really don’t know why people care about string longevity. String is cheap. You want the best performing string. If you have to throw a string away every 2 days, so what? I do that now but I have hundreds of strings. I don’t think a thing about it.

This thread is just for fun :)! I think it’s very intersting to know that.

Dragon string is the longest lasting by far, but keep in mind that just because a string is long lasting, doesn’t mean that it is the best play wise.


Toxic Dragon string for sure. The last time i bought any string was back in February and i bought a couple packs of Toxic Dragons. I’ve been reusing the same ones for almost five months now. No joke.
They take a little while to break in, but once they do they are perfect.[i] Whenever they start to get dirty i just wash them and use them again. AND, they maintain perfect tension and are soft on the hands. The-perfect-string.
I read a post on Paul Dang’s facebook saying that he used the same one from December all the way to April. And when it did break, it broke at the slipknot and not at the yoyo. That is insane, and you know what? I believe him.
Get some and find out for yourself.

Damn, I want to try dragon toxic! But it’s hopeless :(. german and europe yoyo stores don’t sell them! I hate the zoll in europe!

What about kitty strings? How long they last?

Kitty don’t last very long.

I think the one who last the longest, among the onesI’ve tested this far, is the Graou String, I’ve played few months with and it’s still awesome. But the downside is that it whips way too fast for my taste.

angel hair lasts the longest, but it feels like thick fishing line, and you can’t get it here on yoyoexpert.

^ Agreed! Angel Hair can take a month just to break in.

kitty string is a nice string but if you play around an hour a day you will find that it needs to be changed out every 3-4 days if not sooner.

dragon string is so far the one that has lasted me the longest with the bg strings being the second. they hold up well, are comfortable to use and they really hold tension very well.

Angel hair is so cheap! I buy a 100 pack!

I would have to say the Dragon string. But I prefer the standerd Toxics over the Dragons.

toxic dragon, twised kevlar and E format, g-string noly

Out of everything so far toxic dragon lasts forever, but that’s part of the string makeup, it’s intentionally long to break in and loooong playing.

That said I reach for different strings made by different people for different yoyos and moods regardless of how long they last.
Right now the 2wei seems to like a more bouncy and tight string, so I’m going Stringlab typeX changed every couple of days.

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Ive used a regular toxic yellow string for the past two months with pretty heavy use. Barely frayed still plays like a dream just a little dirty :slight_smile:

They also wash up well. Throwing them through a wash / dry cycle springs them back like new.

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Dragon strings by far!

Of course there are plenty of,quality strings that done last forever. Particularly if you like strings with bounce.

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