Longest lasting string?

What’s the longest lasting yoyo string? I own YYSL Type X right now and it lasts pretty long but are there any others that longer?

Jakes Signature string
Played it for a few months
Still feels brand new.

Twisted string Kevlar and general yo Kevlar. Immortal.

But if you dont wanna bust $1 for a string, kitty nylon lasts pretty long.

Toxic Dragon strings last a while as do Graou strings, though I’m not sure if they’re still being made.


Almost anything with… er… trilobal…? thread will last a good while. For example, Toxic normals and Dragons last until you get bored with them and want to try something different. :wink:

Type X lasts well, but for me it’s in the middle ground. The “slicker” strings definitely last longer.

The Quick 13 strings “P1” really last, as well. They’re a bit softer than Dragons, so they’re bound to wear out a bit quicker, but they’re in that “slick string” category while having a more … I don’t know… “organic?” play than the Dragons or normals.

Did a whole week of 8-hour days with a Twisted Stringz A1. It’s a slightly rougher string, so that was about the end of that string, but pretty hard to beat 56 hours of fairly regular play with one string! Compare that to throwing wooden fixed axle (2 hours per string) and it’s pretty economica. :wink:

I think kitty strings hold up pretty well! Yysl is great too. I find toxic hard to keep good tension with (but that’s not this thread hah)

Graou strings are (were?) without a doubt the longest lasting strings. Not sure if they’re still being made though.

Dragons BYYS Type 3