String buying help

I’m looking for string that:
Lasts Really Long for it’s price
Can whip well
And if possible, hold tension well

Any string on the market or made by people that fit these descriptions?

Fat Kitty String would be great !

Toxic String Dragons. Lasts super long and keeps tension really well, just wash and its back to how it was before. But the string is super whippy and may whip faster than you can land them xD
And from what I have heard, Yoyo string lab ammos are REALLY good as well!

YoYoStringLab Type X and Twisted Stringz Trixta work well for me and seem to address you wants.

No community made strings yet?

I like type x… But 2 of the strings snapped really quickly on my shutter which kinda made me mad as it hit the floor pretty hard on both. Tricked looks good though

For dragons, how many times can u wash and re use?

I like twisted stringz Gray matter strings for what your after not initially cheap but when your not replacing them at one a day or even one a week you’ll be happy you made a good buy. I’m also a big fan of toxics rainbow string long lasting and longer then average strings.

Happy buying!

I loathe Gray Matter. Way too thick, way too whippy. I do rather enjoy their Mojo strings, though.

Kitty String 1.5. If softness is important, then Kitty Fat or Nylon is also great, but 1.5 is a bit whippier. Also Type X is actually nice, and the first non-bulk string i’ve bought in forever, but still not enough to break me from my Kitty love, mainly because i’m cheap.

I’m too poor to be cheap (not true, actually, but I like that expression) which is why although I do have bulk string (sometimes the feel of a fresh string is its own reward!) it’s equally cost-effective to buy certain boutique strings. Not so sure about Type-X or Ammo, because they do wear out pretty quickly (2-3 days instead of 2-3 hours) but other boutique strings often pay for themselves.

The cheapest option by far, though, is to still get Kitty or similar but just deal with the bad tension and rattiness after they go past their prime. :wink:

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I’m definitely in Agreement sometimes the cheapest option is to buy once for a little more then to get cheapest ad possible 4-5 Times over when you look at time lasted before you toss in the trash.

It’s also very important to match the string to the yoyo (Greg and I’ve had a few talks about this and we agree some yoyos just dislike some strings lol).

So sometimes cheapest isn’t always most cost effective.

Lol, YYSL is community made; hey, it’s me. Anyway, I am really surprised to hear about Type X snapping, especially before getting a lot of use. I’d like to get your input as I am always working to perfect things. Did it snap at your finger, or was it where it contacts the yoyo?

PM me your address and I will send you a pack for your help. And if you still have the cut strings, hang on to them and I will send a return stamped envelope as it would be helpful to have a close look at them. Thanks.

Could be the Shutter there have been several reports of string snapping with it.

Have there? I only saw that one thread and that was because the kid gouged the response area trying to get a knot out.

I might have just seen the same one over and over :stuck_out_tongue:

That was me! And the problems fixed now. No string snapping problems anymore.

You probably did. I kinda freaked out and bumpd it alot with more questions.

Gray Matter whips insanely well and lasts an extremely long time but isnt great at holding tension. I think Toxic Dragons wuld do better

Does venom and ammo last longer than type x?

If so, does ammo last the longest because it’s thickest?

Random question:
Does string that matches a yoyo color match/look good?

You don’t need that expensive stuff man!

Just get a 100 pack of

Normal Kitty
or YYE 100% poly


Yoyoexpert string-

They both last a little longer than Type X - Ammo due to it’s thickness and Venom due to it’s materials. I would guess that Venom lasts longest out of the three, but it probably depends on the individual and what constitutes a string that needs changing for them. Some people play till thread breakage, but I’m more of a performance degradation kind of guy.

More important to me is the performance of the string and how much fun I am having.