A String question and CLYW Campfire or OD Yelets

Which string lasts the longest?I heard toxic dragon lasted for a LONG time. Also, would you guys pick a One Drop Yelets or a CLYW Campfire? ;D

Something nylon like Kitty Nylon or Angel Hair will last forever. Kevlar string won’t wear down either. Graou String is the most durable polyester string.

Kevlar strings and string lab type x last really long time also most homemade string company’s have string that literally lasts forever!

How long does string lab type x last?( a little of weary of getting it because some people er… said it was bad.)

It mostly depends on how fast you play if you play slow it last a really long time. if your play is fast then not so much.

Hmm… okay.

While Type X is great string, it doesn’t last long compared to other fancy strings. It is cheap for what it is, though.

Dragon lasts a nutty amount of time, as does normal Toxic. However, they play very differently from standard poly. You’ll have to fire up a 10-pack sometime I guess, in order to know how you like them!

Can’t compare to Nylon or Kevlar, as I’ve never tried either.

Type X is not super-durable. Most strings on the “softer” side have that as a trade-off. Just the nature of the beast.

Good go with quantity over durability and order up a bunch of bulk poly (or one step up with bulk Kitty) and just replace it as needed. :wink:

I’ve had big yoyo string type 3 last AGES for me. Like 2-3 months with heavy play.

Kitty Nylon lasts FOREVER, and so does kenvar(so ive heard), dragon, and toxic string.

Starts fraying super quickly.
That being said, it an AMAZING string. I love it.