How long does YYSL type X last?

I am looking to buy around 50 type X’s and was wondering how long they last. For reference my current string candy wires E-type I burn through 20 a week. They last around 2-3 hours. I use a string until it can no longer hold tension at all. I actually enjoy strings with no bounce so I am not changing them willy nilly. So how long does YYSL type X hold tension and does it last at least 3 times longer than the 2.5 hours per string candy wire’s e type has.

Geez. Honestly it depends on a player.
I have a habit of never changing strings. I don’t find the need to.
but you said no bounce? Type X is all bounce.
Go for Kitty nylon or 1.5
those strings are no bounce and last darn long.

I meant I don’t mind a dead string, I am more neutral, but I hate strings that fray as you play. I was saying how some people change a string when it stops bouncing I don’t do that. I just keep playing. I’ve used type x before and loved it just wondering how long it lasts, From reading online it looks to be at least 5 times what I am getting out of candy, I am ordering a 100 from YYSL’s site later today. My number 1 feature for a string is something where I don’t have to worry about tension every couple throws. I like Kitty 1.5 but I still have 98 of them sitting in drawer.

Oops I do not want a string noted for it’s softness are toxics slick because I am looking for slick and stiff.

Then why don’t you stick with the kitty? Haha! :slight_smile:

And I actually like nylon especially due to the “no fray” quality :slight_smile:

I found a toxic that I had never used I am thinking I am going with Toxic regular.

Those strings hurt me. LOL

It frays pretty quickly, but the play will be good way longer than candy wires

Loving the toxic I put on my Forte going to buy some tonight

I personally hate toxic for the reasons you like them but yeah like you said , slick and stiff - regular toxic all the way!!! not that you needed me to justify your choice anymore than you already have but that string is exactly what you are asking for.

Buy a 100-count, it’s a better value. $40. Awesome!

Seriously, it varies greatly how long it lasts. I find it works great and lasts a long time on anyhting I put it on. I can’t compare it to Candy Wires because I haven’t played it. Type X and Twisted Strings Trixta hold up a good long time.

I ended up buying 70 Normal Toxic’s.

Honestly toxics are soooo durable its really unnecessary to have more than 20… ESPECIALLY if you dont have a lot of throws…

A 10 pack of toxc will lsstlonger than a 100 pack of candy wires

I have 9 throws that I would use with that string. I throw at least 3 hours a day.

You like no bounce get toxic dragons they last forever and they feel so nice

One string will last 2-4 weeks each with heavy use… They last CRAZY long… think of a 70 pack of toxic strings like a 1000 pack of yye poly, or maybe even kitty strings or candy wires

Will I am good for awhile then.

Haha you got that right ;D