YYSL type x string review

Just so you guys know please go easy on this is my first review and i am on mobile sorry about no pics okay now on to the review

So i have been using this string now for two months and i thought why not make a review about this awesome string

Softness and feel
I feel that this string is super soft and doesnt burn my hands if i play really fast or whatnot
Rating 9/10

Playabitity and preformance
So this string handles almost any i throw at it. From suicides to whips to fast it feels like a really good all around string. I find that this holds it tension perfectly for about a minute of hardcore play so i find it is a perfect fit for my slack style of play.
Rating 10/10


This string lasts a super long time on a yoyo i play every day one string lasted 3 weeks but i have seen longer lasting string so
Rating 8/10

Overal i think this string is a great all around string and i would highly recomend buys some of this awsome string

Overall rating 27/30

Thank you for reading my review feel to comment or critize me in the comments below.

Hey Andrew, thanks for the review! Wow, you are getting a lot more wear out of Type X than I do, although everyone plays differently. Of course, I have an abundance available to change to a new one, so I don’t push them that much. Anyway, I appreciate your input, thanks.

Type X is easily one of my favourites. I get more wear out of it than generic poly, that’s for sure, but nowhere near 3 weeks. It’s all about individual tolerances I suppose. After 2 or 3 days of regular play, I swap it out.

YYSL’s stuff is great! I get about 3-5 days of use out of each string (less if I’m playing like a madman).

This review just shows that yoyo is all about preference.

In find that my YYE 100% poly stuff plays better.