Yoyoguy888's string

Here is my first review so dont hate ;D

first thing i notice: thin.

second: whippy.

so this string is pretty nice. I cant land any irons or jades on my YYE string, but it may just be a fluke, or i just got better, as I have not used my YYE string lately. It is very durable, each string lasted me a good 5 days if not more. It wears out response pads super fast, so have them on hand or have sili on hand. A friend silied my throws, and on his he doesnt replace very often, but the sili died in 5 days. semi-new pads died after about 2 weeks, with about 5 days of his string. its pretty abrasive on your skin thats for sure. also, it holds tension ok, until it gets old. takes a good day 3 hours of play to break in. awesome for suicides and whips before it gets old obviously. lacerations and slacks it plays nice on. its actually pretty strechy so you might want to cut it a bit shorter than usual, i cut mine about an inch below the sternum and when i changed it it was half way between my sternum and my chin. when I started throwing it it was like “Dang! this plays awesomely!” after a few days it was “Meh. I need to change it. Can’t seem to hold tension anymore.” Normally i change a string a day, these i changed after about 5 days, as mentioned above. Overall a good string, but it does have its problems.

good suicides, slacks, lacerations
nice colors

holds tension ok

Murders your pads/sili
long break in period
after a while string tension goes down the drain

Overall: 7/10

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Thx! This really helps on what I need to work on!

bumpity bump ;D