WAT-AAH's String review

Hey there! I don’t think he has named these strings yet… But, here’s a review!


Before the Throw – First Impressions:
Color – White, I like it, get’s dirty after a time, but that can be avoided by washing your hands. 9/10
Feel – A little stiffer of a string, but it seems like it will be able to whip very well. 9/10
Length – A little longer than Kitty String, this string allows you to be able to make the string the proper length for your height. 10/10

On the Throw – In-depth Review:
Whips – Wow! These strings whip very well! Not too fast, not too slow, Jack hit a sweet spot on these strings. 9/10
Slacks – Same as whips, the perfect speed. 9/10
Overall Tension – I’m loving this string… Suicides open very easily. Tension holds like normal string. 9/10
Length – The length is a little longer than Kitty String so that you can make the string your own preferred length… 10/10
Bounce – I’d say this string has a nice bounce. 8/10
Play – This string is a little rough in the beginning, but it gets better as time goes on. Doesn’t ever get too soft. 9/10
Longevity – This string lasts a long time. I’d say about 2 weeks of good every day play. 9/10

Overall Score: 91/100.


Before the Throw – First Impressions:
Color – White, some blue and white mixed, I really like these colors, or absence of colors if I may. :slight_smile: 9/10
Feel – A little stiffer of a string, seems thick, might be able to whip well. 9/10
Length – A little longer than kitty string so that you may be able to choose the correct string size for yourself. 10/10

On the Throw – In depth Review:
Whips – Wow! Totally unexpected! These strings are very controllable for thick strings! I thought they would be slow, but no, they are the perfect speed. 10/10
Slack – Same as whips, controllable, but I was still shocked that they were a good speed for a thick string. 10/10
Overall tension – Cool, the tension holds great and suicides open almost by themselves. 9/10
Length – Nothing bad here, same as the thin strings, they come extra long so that you may choose the perfect length for yourself. 10/10
Bounce – I think these strings are very well made, they have a great bounce. 9/10
Play – The only downside about these strings is I noticed stray threads hanging off of the string, I hope Jack will be able to fix that part of these strings. Otherwise, these strings play exceptionally well. 9/10
Longevity – Same as thin, they last a really long time, perhaps two good weeks of regular play. 9/10

Overall Score: 94/100

Sorry for the length of time it took me to get to this review but I hope you like it!

Thanks for letting me test the strings!

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could yu please be more specific when you say " 2 weeks of good every day play"? how many hours(aprox.) of play do you consider “…every day play”?

thanks alot for the review also

Hmm… Well, I would say a good 2 hours a day of play. :slight_smile:

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