Epic Strings Review


Okay, so here’s my review of Epic Strings! ! I took my time making this review and I added thoughtful criticism.

Here it is!

Before the Throw – First Impressions:
Color – White. It has a clean look, which I like. 9/10
Feel – Really rough because this string is twisted extremely tight. I prefer softer strings, so this doesn’t really work well with me. 7/10
Length – It’s around the same length of a kitty string, perhaps just a little bit shorter. I prefer longer string so that I can choose my desired string length. This string is not insanely long though, which is okay, because it actually comes out to my desired length of string. 9/10

On the Throw – In-depth Review:
Whips – I am actually quite happy with the way these strings whip, they aren’t too fast and they aren’t too slow. I would say they are a little faster then a normal stock string. 10/10
Slacks – Actually the same as whips, not too fast, not too slow, just a little faster then then the in between point, which I like. 10/10
Overall Tension – The tension was really hard to control when I first used the string. After the string broke in tension was easier to control, but this was after a long amount of play. 8/10
Length – The length was A-okay, a little shorter then stock kitty string, but that was fine. 9/10
Bounce – This string is VERY bouncy. I found this quite fun, but it was a little bit too bouncy for my preferences. It made me feel like I wanted to do a lot of “hop” tricks. 8/10
Play – Overall, the play was mediocre. I prefer softer strings, so this string didn’t meet my preferences. It actually hurt a little to play fast on this string. I think the problem with the stiffness of this string could be fixed by twisting the string a little bit looser. This is just my honest advice. Not every string will fit every person’s preferences. 7.5/10
Longevity – This string lasts around the same amount of time normal boutique strings last. It lasts for about a solid two hours of play every day through a solid two week period. 10/10

Overall Score: 87.5/100

I’ve been told that he has fixed the roughness of the string, he made it a little bit less bouncy, and he made the string longer.