Myself's epic Epic String review!

Hey guys! I recently got some of Logi’s Epic string in the mail, and boy are they good! I really liked the packaging he used. he included a letter inside, that was nice. I really liked how the return address had a picture of the ES logo!
On to the Review!

I will be reviewing the regular and nylon epic strings.

First impressions:
The strings felt a little bit rough and it has really bright colors. (I like my strings a little bit rough)
Not much to say about first impressions.

The play:
These strings are a little bit rough, but I really like it that way! They whip insainly fast, but I do not like that because it is hard to control the string when whipping. I can not say the same for slacks though, they kill slacks!

All around:
These strings are great! Whip fast, controlled slacks, perfect roughness, and awesome colors!

Pros: Slacks are very controlled, very nice feel.
Cons: Whips too fast, they are a bit short, and do not hold tension that well.
I would love to order more of these strings, but I do not have the money.

On to the nylons!

First impressions:
They feel a bit soft, and I like it a bit more rough than soft.
Again, not much to say about first impressions.

The play:
These strings are very soft and really good for tech because of their softness. They are also really slick, wich is also good for tech. These strings kill slacks, but not the same for whips. I think that they are hard to control because of how fast they whip.

All around:
These strings are great for tech and slacks, but not so much for whips.

Pros: Great for tech and slacks.
Cons: Almost slips off of your finger because they are so soft, and whips whip to fast.

Thanks for reading!

Where would I find the selections for these strings? Sounds like my type of string, soft and slick,59320.0.html

Here you go, just PM logi.

His profile is here;u=22570

:frowning: you beat me to it.

Thats sure some expensive strings there, $7.50 for 10 neon strings… Price is equal to the besttop qualitystrings

Are prices for nylon the same?