Epic Strings Review


Epic Strings Review

YoYo Used: ODxCLYW Summit
Bearing Used: Twisted Stringz Trifecta
Response Used: CLYW Aqua Pads

Look & Feel: I would like to start off by saying that these strings are beautiful. When I opened the package, a vivid burst of neon green caught my eye. I would call it a “soft” green, yet it seems to have an ethereal glow to it. I noticed right away that these strings have some heft to them. Although they are only as thick as Normal Kitty String, they have a substantial weight. I would describe the texture of these strings as slick and plasticky (totally not a word). The texture reminds me quite a bit of Toxic Strings. Although they are slick while playing, they can be a little rough on the hands. It isn’t an issue if you have gnarly calluses, but after a few solid Asian Pops, you can feel the burn.

Playability: These strings are hilariously whippy. Even whippier than Twisted Project-X (If I dare say). I am not the greatest thrower around, but these strings make my whips look heroic. I was landing triple Brent Stoles in my sleep. All of my Brent Stoles also had oversized triangles. Follow, Jade Whip, and Lord Of The Flies were also a pleasure to perfom with this string. If you love whips and lacerations, Epic Strings are definetly for you. This is merely down to personal preference, but I prefer a thinner and softer string for technical string tricks. Due to the stiffness of these strings, I found myself playing with whips a lot more than I normally do, and avoiding the technical tricks that I am working on. One thing I disliked about the playability of these strings is how they maintain tention. I was having to constantly adjust string tention to maintain nice open loops of slack.

Durability: Epic Strings are some of the most durable strings I have ever tried. I am the type of person who puts on a fresh string every 45 minutes or so. I absolutly love the way a fresh string plays. After 5 hours of throwing, these strings feel almost exactly as they did when new. I was amazed at how little fraying occured after so much use. The color still looks beautiful as well. At $8 a pack (with shipping), I would still call these strings a bargain. They have that “boutique” feel & last forever.


PROS: Incredibly whippy, durable, & aesthetically pleasing.
CONS: Does not hold tension that well & a little rough on the hands.


A few months ago, I also got a sample pack of Epic String from Logi, and this review is spot on. Couple pics from a long time ago:

Epic Strings Type A(?) on my Square Wheels Royale

Comparison of other strings (I may be off about which one is which):
From left to right: Epic Strings Type A,Generic Bulk Poly, Kitty String Fat, BYYS Cyber Silk, YYSL Type X


Thanks for the review! Anyone who wants to buy some Epic Strings can check out this thread here:


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