Epic Strings Magic Threads


Alright, today I will be reviewing the Epic Strings Magic Threads by our very own forum member, Logi. I got these a few months back but never got around to doing a review. Just got a new pack today and I guess it’s better late then never to do a review. Magic Threads are 100% nylon, and I’m a big fan of poly/nylon strings, I thought it would be interesting to try a 100% nylon string for once. Let’s see if they live up to my expectations.


If you order a 10 pack it will come in an envelope. Inside the envelope, the strings are wrapped up in a white piece of computer paper. Along with the strings it will come with a card of Epic Strings. I thought the card was pretty neat. On the front it had the Epic Strings logo, which I think looks pretty cool personally. It also has the logo for their Magic Threads string, which looks pretty cool as well. It shows someone in the back raising his hand as if to levitate something with his mind like in the movies. And in front of it was a white piece of Magic Threads that was floating in the air, I still don’t know how Logi managed to do that, really cool stuff. On the back was the Epic Strings logo again with the details of the string. Soft - Whippy - Fast. We’ll see if this is true later on. Lastly, at the bottom it tells you where it’s available, at YoYoExpert.com and his email if you want to order that way.


Alright, when I first got the strings, they looked great. They only come in white at the moment, but the white looks fresh. It’s not like cotton white strings or cheap white poly strings, this one looked pretty nice. It looked clean, and was pretty bright. When I felt the 10 pack of strings at once it felt great. It felt so soft, silky even. It felt completely different from any string I’ve never felt before. I could tell this was going to be a very unique string. I couldn’t wait to try them out.


Alright, first thing I noticed when I played these was that they were one heck of a thin string! It was also crazy soft, so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t whip too well. I have yet to play a string that was soft, thin, AND was great at whips, so I was a little skeptical. However, I threw some whips with it, and I was sure surprised! These things were crazy good at whips! These strings absolutely dominated YoYoStringLab AMMO at whips, insanity! They were soft like AMMO, but whipped even better and was thin, what more could you want! They were really soft so you could do fast play, sky binds, 1.5 hops, etc. without getting string burn. Magic Threads are also amazing at suicides and hold tension pretty well too. These strings really impress!


Alright, now let’s talk durability. These strings get dirty pretty quickly. However, that doesn’t mean it plays any worse than when you first put them on. Like many other premium strings, it may get dirty, but it maintains its play for very long. I could use this string for 2-4 weeks without losing play if I wanted to. So don’t be misled by how quickly it gets dirty, it still plays just as great as when you first put them on!

Here’s a pros/cons list and summary for you people that don’t like to read a lot!

-has a clean, fresh look
-really soft, reduces string burn immensely
-pretty bouncy(if you like that)
-holds tension well
-great for suicides
-AMAZING at whips
-very durable
-thin(if you like that)

-only comes in white(at the moment)
-pretty bouncy(if you don’t like that)
-thin(if you don’t like that)
-somewhat expensive, but that’s expected from premium strings


Epic Strings Magic Threads are great strings. They have a clean, fresh look and a silky feel. They are thin, soft, AND whip amazingly, a combination that is extremely hard to come by. As a matter of fact, I have yet to find a string that whips well, but is thin and soft as well, and I’ve tried a lot of strings. These strings get dirty pretty quick though, but don’t fret! They still play just as great as when you first put them on! They play great for weeks, even though they get dirty pretty quickly. These strings are really awesome. The only downsides I could find were they only come in white at the moment, and they are somewhat expensive. The price isn’t a huge deal though, paying a little more for a truly premium homemade string isn’t too bad. These strings are amazing and everyone should try them!

Thanks for reading guys, tell me what you think! Comments and questions all welcome and encouraged!



Can you post pics. Im interested in trying new string.


My only Con was the string being to silky and slipping of my finger giving my near mint yoyo dings…

There are ways around this…

The first method works wonders for me.