Epic Strings Review

My favorite string hands down. I’m going to give you a walk through of each string one by one manufactured by Epic Strings.

I appreciate this string because of the ability to complete slack combos and tricks. Revolutions is a breeze. A simple laceration is as easy as a normal trapeze. I have respect for what this string is capable of doing. Epic strings created this string which is thin enough for fast play, yet floaty enough for slacks and easy binds. Long lasting as well. Great job! 4/5

Lightning Bolts:
Lightning bolts are a good string, but they don’t fit my play style and preference. This string, because of my weak response (which I prefer) did not allow me to do the binds that I wish I could have accomplished. The string is nice on the hands considering how thin it is, but it is slick and great for very fast, simple string tricks. It is a Hiroyuki Suzuki string. Not my choice, but it is for many. 3/5

Magic Threads:
BEST STRING ON THE MARKET! I love the soft bungee feel of the Magic threads. It is like playing with a hand held cloud. It is as if nothing is connected to the yoyo, yet I was able to pull off all of my slacks and all of my string tricks. The downside is it is for very, very slow play. I prefer this string over any other, because I use weak response and this string is thick enought to give me that “perfect response”. I love this string. 5/5

My Overall Thoughts:
Epic strings has created a great string to fit the preferences of all yoyoers. I think that they are underrated and are the best on the market. I respect what Logi has done with this company!



Nice string review. I’ve been meaning to try out some of the strings made by epic and am glad I came across your little review. Thanks.

Your welcome! :slight_smile: