EPIC STRINGS now at YoYoExpert!

Epic Strings is a very cool new company based out of California. It was started by an amazing young yo-yo player on the YoYoExpert forums who just was not happy with the strings available to him on the market – so he decided to make his own – after he perfected the process Epic Strings was born.

These strings are made by hand, one at a time, out of the finest material and to the highest standards. Yes each string is expensive. But we challenge to find string like this anywhere else!

Epic Strings has created a few different types of string to meet the needs of all yo-yo players.

Lightning Bolt – Really fast, Tighter Tension, and Super Slick.

Whippy – Super long lasting, Medium Tension, and Perfect for Whips and Slacks.

Magic Threads – Extra Soft, Looser Tension, and Binds Easy.

Whatever your style, there is an Epic String for you. So try out any one of the all new american-made Epic Strings and take your freestyle to the next level!



Awesome! Woot!

Thumbs up to Logi!!

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I will vouch for the epicness of Epic Strings. :wink: Really a fan of the “Whippy” one-- it’s on the stiff side for wonderful open slacks. And true to its name, good whips.

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$1.80 per string!?

Does it last a long time? If so, I could actually see that as a valid investment, given I don’t get a really bad knot.

The Whip and the Lightning Bolts last a LONG time. I don’t know about Magic Threads.

I second this. definitly last a long time. The magic threads don’t last that long though, they get durty fast.

I liked it better when they were $6 a 10 pack, now the price has tripled :frowning:

I don’t think it costs $1.80 for well known and well loved prior established string companies to make a single string. Heck even Modman10 who makes Unknown strings on the forums charges $3 for his premium poly and $4.50 for is poly/nylon. Both lest than a third of yours. And I guarantee he’s making at least 40% profit on them. What is up with people wanting triple the necessary amount for something so simple.

$120 for a yeti and $1.80 for a single string from a kid in Cali. It’s a little overpriced…

It is a lot for a single string, but I don’t think anyone is getting rich off these. It’s also great that we have choices so we can decide how much we want to spend.

Candy bar, soda, chips, Epic string…which lasts longest?

I have never tried an Epic string so I can’t say if it’s worth the money but compared to other things that disappear more quickly…maybe. Idk! Maybe it seems that the materials shouldn’t cost that much but then again it is a secret recipe, maybe there is something different in materials. Besides, most people waste that much cash frequently.

Just saying perception and reality aren’t always the same.

Its amazing string, and Id be fine with paying $7-$8 for 10 but not $18… Its not like it holds perfect tension for 5 minutes and lasts a year or anything like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm three packs of type x or 10 of these… You should probably find a better place to buy thread at a cheaper price. Just my opinion.

I know all his secrets ;D ;D ;D


First off, Modman10 pays like 1.00 for 1,000 feet or so.

Logi, pays about 1.00-3.00 for his thread. It is top quality…

Who cares where he is from, get like 1 or 2 strings and be happy, they last FOREVER.

Also- They are at 25 or so strings left, he is selling out quickly.

I’m willing to bet when Logi comes out with larger packs of these, the price will go down quite significantly. As many of you know, it’s usually cheaper to buy in bulk rather than individually. I think that’s the case here. Logi needs a profit, and I doubt he’s making big money off of producing string.

Don’t count him out–I hear this is some great, long lasting string, and I’ll be glad to support someone who has the motivation and drive to get his product into a large retailer at a young age. Props to you, Logi. :slight_smile:


It started out at 25 for each type of string, so he hasn’t sold ANY yet xD

So, assuming this is ten foot type 6, 120 ft per string, that’s 40 yards. Then round that to fifty, and the 4-7 to a nice easy five, and the 500- 1000 yards to 750. Fifty yards per string with $5 for 750 yards. 750/50 is… 15? So, $5 for fifteen strings. $10 for 30. $1 for 3. I think. That was a lot of of mental math, so there’s probably something wrong. And you might have longer/thicker string. And that’s not the price of labor, just materials.

No, it started at 40 almost half way gone.

Guys no need for debate, they’re pricy strings. Move on… I didn’t see any complaining for the price of Graou strings.

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Actuallly it was 38 or something like that

I remember seeing 40, like Logi said

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