Logi's Epic String Review

A lot of you probably read my “see ya guys!” post, and as you know if you read that i have quit yoyoing. I told Logi that i would wright a review for the string he sent me a very very long time ago, so here it is.

First Impressions- Nice color to it. A dull purple. Not dull in look, just strictly the shade, almost like a sad purple. Little bounce to it, feels near broken in all ready though.

After the first week (of hard long play)- Color has faded more, now looking like almost a purplish grey. I like this color much more than the original for some reason. Bounce is gone, and the string is very broken in. Still holds string tension greatly, and whips good. still feels smooth and soft to the touch.

After two weeks- Color is unchanged, everything is very much the same, except the string tension isn’t holding quite as well, but still well.

After four weeks- Color is still unchanged. Visible fray all over, string is noticeably less lively, but still whips just as well as it did new. String tension is not good anymore. Twists up a bunch after only a few tricks. Just waiting for the string to break now, but it never did. and apparently it never will, now that I’m done yoyoing.

Bottom line, this string plays very similar to a slower version of MarkMont Dragons. Epics are great strings, and i would be buying as many packs as he had if i was still throwing.

Thanks for the review, epic string will now only come in white and is twisted a little bit tighter to keep the bounce longer.

How much?

For the string? I don’t know yet.