New String Tester Review made by WAT-AAH

Once I first got these guys I liked the colors they were a nice twist, the whites were great too.

When I first got the thick I wanted to try it out first. They were nice and long, and reminded me a little of toxic string. But after awhile I realized they were very different. They felt heavier than toxic and a little more slick.

Pros:These guys are great for whips and slacks and last forever.
Con:They are acting weird with the response…some times I would try a trick i normally do and it would shoot back up to my hand.

As I first tried the thin I loved how slick they were. No real string burn or rubbing your fingers were able too be freely. I also thought they were the perfect thickness. I liked these a lot more than the thick the whips weren’t as good bout still great for normal string.
Pros: no response problem, nice and slick, great thickness, good whips and slacks.
Cons: did last as long as the thick

Both these strings were great but I prefer the thin. I my man who makes these starts selling them, they could be a huge hit. Looking forward to see how you progress as a string maker and may look to buy from you in the future.

Any way you could tell us who made them?


bump, sting are now for sale!
find them here