Niv0s review of : WAT-AAH's string

First thing I want to say is that all I use is toxic markmont dragon strings, so that is what I will compare these to and regular poly.

WAT-AAH had a post about his strings and he wanted testers and wanted them to write a review and post whether or not he should start selling them.

I got two bags of strings labeled Thick and Thin.

I am not a big fan of thick strings but I went ahead and tried them first on my Chief (with center trac) The first thing I noticed was my Air bind was a lot tighter, meaning with the Dragon strings (btw they are very thin) took a lot more string in the gap for it to bind. With WAT-AAH’s Thick string it was easier to bind because it was thick (thats typical). But when I tried the Thin version on my Arctic Circle (center trac) it also binded easier. This string plays light, its not as stiff like the markmont.

So as I am starting to go down my normal lists of combos etc, my first thought was that I won’t be able to do whips and slacks as easy as I can with Dragon strings (because they are so whippy). I was wrong! Surprisingly these strings did not play like your typical 100% poly strings, (maybe WAT-AAH can post how or what material he uses to make them) but they feel like your normal poly but still whips and binds similar to my dragons. I was really surprised that I was able to Hook and brent stole on my first try. Usually with the dragons it seems effortless and when I use regular poly, I have to really whip the string to get it to whip for slacks etc. Not these strings, WAT-AAH strings (both thick and thin) seems like the perfect mix between your traditional poly and the dragons.

I already sent him a message asking him for more!! I probably will ask for more thin than thick but thats my preference.

All in all, these are great strings and they are still on my Chief and Arctic Circle. Also when you do Eli-Hops and slide your fingers across the string, you don’t get string burns as easily as you do with dragons, mainly because WAT-AAH’s string has a softer feel.

If you haven’t tried any, I say go try them. Like I said, I just PM’d him.

Thanks for reading my review and Happy Throwing!!!

I would appreciate any comments or questions about the review since I normally don’t review anything.

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Thank you for the great review!!! i’m think im going to put them on sale soon.

If Nivo thinks it’s good, it must be. Do you know when you will sell them and how much it will be?

Not positive when I will start to sell them, but I was thinking around $6 or $7

6$ or 7$ for 10 of them?

I am for sure interested in purchasing some.

sting now for sale!
find it here