MarkMont Dragon String by toxic strings

MarkMont Dragon String Review
By Kevin Ramirez

Manufacturer: Toxic Strings
String Type: 14 Count 100% Poly
Colors: White

Background: "I sent OneDrop a description of what I was looking for. It was a thick string that was stiff and fast like the string I use now. But a little thinner than what I use to compensate for multi level/layer string tricks. I was losing a lot of sleep time from my string being so thick.

OneDrop relayed this info. to Toxic who speedily crafted up 3 separate samples for me to test out. All of them played great so it was tough to make the decision, but I ended up picking the thickest of the three. One minor change was made to a couple of strands to get the color of the string to be perfectly white and the string was done.

The string is 14-count 100% poly. Its stiff and plays like a thick 8 count string in speed and texture. But feels thinner then all 8 count, so its not as bulky in the gap or on the finger.
Another thing that was important that I forgot to mention was the longevity. Like all handmade strings, the price point is certainly not the prettiest, but that is very relative and dependent on the quality of product. After using this string for over 2 hours, it begins to loosen up. Most thick strings get soft and actually thicker in the used phase. This string almost neutralizes itself. The strands get slightly tighter making it thinner (hypothetically), but at the same time the strands soften up and out, making it thicker. So it maintains it’s thickness, while changing in texture. I could probably use one of these strings for a good 10hours of play (then wash it and use it for another 10).

To note - there is a very VERY fine line in string thickness (no pun intended). Too thin and the control over the yoyo at speed gets very unpredictable. Too thick, you’ve got total control at high speed, but with the thickness, there’s too much material running across your fingers so it slows you down. Getting string right in the middle is where you want it. Thast perfect medium thickness. Thick enough to feel and be stiff, yet thin enough to not slow you down. Make sense?

A lot of time and thought was put into this string and I think you guys will love it. This string heavily mimics the string I originally used on my Markmont. Next, and I can without a doubt say that it plays better with the string I use to use, and this new string. You’ll be very surprised at the difference in using a string that’s pretty much catered to the yoyo.

Enjoy : P"
-Mark Montgomery

Feel: When I took one out of the package they felt stiff and rough. I immediately began to fear that these strings would be brutal. Still, I decided to go on and try them. After a few minutes of play, they softened up and erased all my fears of cutting my hand. It isn’t a grabby string that sticks on your fingers, it glides smoothly, which is great for tricks that require quick sliding of string. After about 3-4 hours on a single string, I feel like they are still going like when it was 10 minutes old, just perfect.

Speed: Here is where this string really shined for me. I have been using Kitty String, which is in my opinion the best all around bulk string you can buy. It had been playing good, but it seemed a bit slow for certain tricks like Brent Stole and felt limp after a about 2 hours of use whne throwing suicides and slacks. I can happily say that these Dragon strings do not suffer this. It only requires a flick to move the string, and it flies into position. It seems to have the right weight to move around, so that loops stay open but not so heavy that it sacrifices mobility.

Look: Here is where it stood out to me before even touching it. Mark Montgomery only uses white string, so this could not be an exception. It really looks great, and stands out against dark yoyos. It also does not lose its color or brightness throughout play, like regular 100% poly does.

Final thoughts: This string isn’t the cheapest in the world but, in this hobby nothing worth using is. That being said I will happily buy this string again, and once you consider how much more it lasts compared to cheap highlights or normal 100% poly, they can actually save you money over time. Who doesn’t like a little extra money in their pocket?

Sweet review.

How does the Dragon String’s length compare to Kitty string stock?

Thanks. The Dragon string is about 2-3 inches longer than kitty string so you are safe to go any length you wish

I have some of these coming in the mail and can’t wait to try them out