Toxic String Restock!

New Toxic Strings Restock! Markmont Dragon Strings, Lacers, and Toxic Blend Now Available!

[b]Toxic Blend:[/b]

These have a really unique feel to them and they also seem to last a very long time! Excellent for whips, slacks and anyone who enjoys throwing!


The Lacer String will surprise you in that it is actually cotton but ‘made’ to feel like polyester! The string is a fatter string with a looser tension that offers a unique feel and play unlike any other string out there!

[b]Markmont Dragon String:[/b]

Designed by Mark Montgomery himself! This string is 14-count 100% poly. Its stiff and plays like a thick 8 count string in speed and texture. But feels thinner then all 8 count, so its not as bulky in the gap or on the finger. Great for whippy fast play and lasts a very long time!

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Just what I was looking for. Thanks YYE!

Ordered two packs of dragons. I hope they live up to the hype. I’ve been looking for a string that’s similar to alchemy and angel hairs because of how good they whip and how long they last. :smiley:

Yessssss! Finally get to try Dragons, grabbed myself two packs just to be sure I have plenty

Just ordered mine. Excited to try these out!

EDIT: These run out quick. In like 3 days