Water strings--a new 100% homemade string company!


Hey everyone, I am a new homemade string producer, and I wanted to get my string out to the yoyo community!
I currently have two types of string, thick and thin. The string has a soft feel but is very whippy and is great for slacks!
All string is 100% polyester!
It will be $6 for a pack of ten for either kind.
Hear what people are saying about water strings, some excellent stuff!

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All string can be:
Royal Blue
Neon pink
Yellow/gold (a bit softer yellow, not neon, but still bright)
Neon green

Please add $2 shipping

please e-mail at jackdemaree@gmail.com
paypal preffered, if not e-mail/pm me to work something out
(please send paypal to demareeb@yahoo.com)




Enter into The water strings contest!


What do you put in your strings?


It is obviously a water & spider web high tensile polymer infused with a dash of polyester


Oh, duh, my bad.


Its 100% polyester string


So is there any water involved in the creation of the strings, or is it just a name? Even if it is just a name, it’s quite eye catching! When I saw this I immediately thought, “Strings made of water?! YAY!”


sadly, no. It is just a fun name i came up with :slight_smile:


It would be cool to get strings wet then speed dry them. I’m actually storing my used strings in a pickle jar filled with water. However, the chemicals in the string dissolved into the water, making a kind of stink bomb. I’m actually afraid to open it now. So sad.


I may try something like this over the weekend…try to infuse water in them or something?


I took my jar outside and opened it. The one poly string I tried seems to work better. I wonder what would happen if a string was made while it was wet.