"Twisted String" review

Hi guys and gals, “A person (that plays with yoyos)” was asking for testers of his new string so here it goes after hours and hours of rigorous testing, many sleepless nights and lots of missed days at work. (oh well it didn’t take that long but here it is anyway) :slight_smile:

                           OK first have have what he calls the "Normal" string

Feel: 10/10 Very easy on the fingers but not too light and airy
Whips and Slacks: 7/10 has a normal whipping speed and slacks stay put but are slightly floppy
Suicides: 7/10 Holds loops but they can be a little floppy at times
String Life: 10/10 Played the same one for a week before changing

                          And next in line we have the "Softie" string

Feel: 7/10 Very soft, but i like that feel for offstring only thats why it got a 7
Whips and Slacks: 8/10 Has a slightly faster whip and slacks are more firm
Suicides: 8/10 Holds loops very well and they are easy to catch
String Life: 6/10 This only lasts about 2-3 days for me

                         Lastly is the "Thick Chick" (my personal favorite)

Feel: 8/10 Kind of rough but not enough to complain about
Whips and Slacks: 10/10 Very fast on whips and slacks are rock solid
Suicides: 10/10 Holds loops awesomely therefore extremely easy to catch (think “Gator Floss”)
String life: 10/10 Lasts just as long as the “Normal” strings

There are lots of colors to choose from. The only complaint I have is the length of the strings, if they were any shorter it would have been too short for my preference so some of you mile long string players may want to specify your preffered length. The string company as a whole has very well made and consistent products that are well suited to a wide range of paying styles. I am already a regular costumer and will continue to be in the future.

                        Pm "[b]A Person (that plays with yoyos)[/b]" for order info

Thanks, Big J