Nor Cal Inspired YOLO Foxes review - Whipy format

WHIPY (blue/red)
So here was the scene:
I was on the forums and happened to see Buddy Jim’s thread about needing testers for some new string formats. I immediately asked to review the YOLO Foxes format. A week or so later, I received a letter in the mail addressed to “hidas”. This was the 3 strings I was to review.

The string came folded inside a piece of paper with the name, colors, and model of the strings written on it. The string I am reviewing is very bright. I applaud Buddy Jim on the sturdy make of this string.

But I had a string to review, not to look at, so I grabbed my Protostar and FHZ and placed the Whipy format on the Protostar. I cut the string, tied a slip knot, wound it up and threw it.

I hated it. The string was so stiff that it just slid out of the yoyo without causing it to spin. It was extremely rough and that caused string burn.

The more I played with it, however, the better the string became. After breaking in, it is the softest string I have played with, yet very stiff. It’s about the same thickness as Highlights.

Suicides on this string is a pleasure. The loop opens up very wide, and you can do many of them without having to adjust tension.

Whips are beast. The string seems magnetized to the yoyo and catches are easy. It holds the loop better than anything I have seen, even Highlights.

Another strong suite. The loop stays wide open and it’s child’s play to complete any slack.

Boy oh boy, this string gets even better. Lacerations are brilliant.

This string holds tension very well. However, if you do not have good string tension, the string refuses to play. It will just twist up and be impossible to use.

I’ve had this string almost a month and I’m about to replace it. It lasts forever.

For small bearing yoyos it’s pretty snaggy, but it works well with large bearings. I would think it would be great for D size, as well.

Final Thoughts:
Buddy Jim certainly has found a new customer. I like this string better than any Highlight or YYE Poly.
He will be getting more orders from me, and I encourage you to try some of his string out. You won’t be disappointed.

(Will post pics once I get my camera working)

Buddy Jim’s store:

WHIPIER (blue/orange)

So here we are a few days later with the Whipier string! I have to say, I liked the whipier a lot better than the ordinary whipy.
It’s stiffer and will cause string burn for people who don’t have callouses. It is soft while playing slowly, however. The colors are bright, and like the Whipy, it lasts forever, however the Whipy string lasts longer. This string also needs to be kept at near perfect tension or you won’t be able to use it.

Suicides are great as usual. The loop opens much wider than the Whipy format.

This string lives up to it’s name in any kind of whip. I found them to be extremely fast, sometimes too fast.

Surprisingly, Lacerations are even better. This is because the string is very slick and can slide around between other string and your hands easy.

Tension is the bane of this string. It holds it fairly well but if it’s not perfect tension, you can’t use the string at all.

This string lasts about the same length as the Whipy format. It’s not as durable, however.

This string will make your yoyo higher response for binds, lower everywhere else. Pretty snaggy at times. It could handle around 4 wraps before it started to slow the yoyo down.

Final Thoughts:
Buddy Jim has made another great string, my favorite so far. Now on to the Whipiest format!

From top:
Whipier, Whipy, YYE Poly

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Sorry for the blurry pictures, I had to use my webcam.  >:(

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