Spider String Review

Intro - I asked my mom, right when I got home from track and field, “Is there anything in the mail for me?” The answer was yes.

First Impression - The string came in a little package that said “SPIDER STRINGS”. I ripped the little thing open, and There was a green string, and a purple string. I felt it - Stiff, but It would soon be broken in.

Out of the envelope - Unique. This string had a unique feel, but not in a bad way. kinda thin, but not TOO thin. It handled slacks and whips with ease, and glided though string tricks, like a breeze. The whips were the best thing though.

Whips - This string was whippy, but not too whippy. This is gonna be hard to explain. It was whippy enough to land a double hook on the first try, but it wasn’t THAT whippy, in a good way. It wasn’t that whippy, so it was easily manuvered to perform extreme whips. Manuverability+Amazing whips=@#$%'n awesome.

It could have been more whippy, but it almost seen like someone had sucked out all the whippiness <---------LEGITAMITE STATEMENT.

Excellent whips
Clean slack
Unique feel

Makes binds slip :frowning: But again, This problem has been solved, by yoyofan11.
Don’t use with beefcake, it comes out of the groove wicked easily.