spider string review

so i got my spider string the other day and was soo happy!!! i got the half blue half yellow.the first thing i noticed was it was kinda stiff and didnt flex real easy.
i put it on my frantic and it wasnt loose but i had a really hard time getting it on my yoyo :-\ but it came super long so i cound adjust it. the play was ok but it had the never brake in fealling.but it was really good at whips and slacks and lasserations :slight_smile: but i could get string burn very quick.
all in all i dont reccomend this string if you hate whips and have sensitive skin

all in all in all

whips 8/10
slacks 7/10
lasserations 8/10
looks 9/10
all 6/10

but still good string! it will last you a week or two before snapping!