Spider String: a reveiw

So I’ve recently been given an oppurtunity to review yoyofan11’s spider string, so here goes.

As I was rushing to the mail anticipating my replacement 888, I was dissapointed to not see it. I came back to the pile of mail to see an envelope for me, spider string! I was ready to review. 

LOOKS This string looks sick! The one i got was Yellow/blue, and let me tell you they looked perfect together. A closer look revealed that the string seemed to be twisted different. Instead of twisting together finely like alternating strands of yellow, blue, yellow, blue, it looks more segmented like yellow,yellow,blue,blue. Hard to explain… but it looks sharp…Sorta like the colors were wound seperatly then wound together.

Spider String
My string
Highlights Twists

PLAY Alrighty it’s time to put this sucker on and try it out. The first thing I noticed on a throw was how slippy it seemed. I tried to bind and almost half the time I simply couldn’t bind it. Double binds had a much higher success rate. Preferring the benefit of the doubt, I chose to change my response and try again. After replacing my pads it became better but the slippyness was definitly still there. My best guess behind this was either the string has a dynamic break-in period, or the string was too stiff.

Regular simple play is uneventful, plain and simple. BUT (!!) once I started trying whips, slacks, and suicides, Spider String showed it's true colors. Lacerations were a breeze and whips were effortless. I threw every suicide I ever had trouble with at it as it laughed "is that all you got?". Suicide loops open up unnaturally large, making it super easy even for unexperienced suicide...ers (  ::) ) . This string plays like a beast!

A CLOSER LOOK When I cut the string to my length, I took the time to play surgeon and dissect the string. Something in this string is prickly… Theres not only normal thread in the blend, but…fishing line? Can that be right? This must be why the sting is so stiff, and why it holds its stiffness for such a long time. Nice Idea yoyofan11, more about that later…


It kills me to say this, but this string is wicked hard to use. It is very challenging to bind, and when it does happen it is very slippy on a throw. The yoyo I was using had a very large gap but even when I tried it on other yoyos it still showed signs of slippyness. My best guess to why this happens is because of the stiff fishing line-like material. Another problem was string tension. Spider string does not hold string tension well at all. I found myself constantly fixing tension, sometimes within 3 throws it was all twisted again… Small annoyance, especially because I was stoked for suicides and then AHHHG FIX TENSION!!!

FINAL THOUGHTS I’m torn. I don’t know If i like it or not. I love it for it’s superb performance during suicides, whips, and slacks. But constantly adjusting tension and hardly being able to bind the darn thing kinda set me off… It plays great, but it’s lacking in the neccesary stuff: binding and throwing. I would reccomend this string for plaers with small gap yoyos less than 5mm or players who are okay with constantly double binding.

IDEAS So yoyofan11, the fishing line is definitly what gives Spider String its oomph. It just seems that 4 strands of the stuff makes it too stiff. I think this string would perform MUCH better with only 2 strands of the stiff line. If you do that I would be so stoked and would be willing to try again :wink:

overall this string was cool looking, fun to use, and took everything I threw at it with ease. I hope this is just the beginning for yoyofan11, because I want to see this kind of string improved upon so it becomes more playable. Looking foward to seeing more fom you!!!

;D ;D ;D


its not fishing line, its nylon, very similar thought,i’ll have to try some different textures of nylon to see what works best, I’m almost out anyway.