Spider string review: by Johnny rocks!!!

So here’s my review on spider string! key: YYEP = yoyoexpert 100% polyester. SS = spider string house spider

lacerations: they where AMAZING, they actually made me look good at them :smiley:

SS-9/10 YYEP-6.5/10

whips: where about average, but still pretty good

SS-6.5/10 YYEP-7/10

slacks: where very good, kinda felt like they stayed tight when slacking, but i liked them.

SS-8/10 YYEP-8/10

feel: kinda stiff, but it get’s less stiff after about an hour of play. The string itself feels hard, but i like it, it’s kinda weird, but that takes a few hours to work.

SS- 7/10 YYEP-9/10

binds: this is my ONLY complaint, they aren’t very tight, they slip about 80% of the time,
but is EASILY fixed with a double bind, after that they got ALOT better, i think they slip so much because the string i got is really thin.

SS with single bind- 3.5/10 SS with double bind-9/10 YYEP-9/10

how long they last: about 1 day longer than YYE 100% poly.

SS-10/10 YYEP-8/10

overall an awesome string that i would recommend to anyone, especially someone trying to get better at lacerations, whips, and slacks!!

PS. the yoyo i used for the review was a DM.

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you received the house spider string which is the normal thickness.

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