spider string review


Heys guys i recently tried out spider string by yoyofan 11 and decided i’d make a review.

This string looks amazing i got the Tarantula format in blue/yellow. It looks really nice and is pretty bright.8/10
This is where this string really impresses. Putting this in your yo-yo is the equivalent of putting a stick of butter in there. The yoyo just slides off on a throw and is super smooth. The slacks,whips, and lacerations are all super easy to pull off and amazing.10/10
This string is a little weird when it comes to feel. When i first got the string it wasn’t stiff but it was a little rough but after a a week and a half of play it became a little stiff but extremely soft and felt cool when it touched your fingers.8/10
not much to say here besides that it lasted 2 weeks.9/10
I recommend this string and thinks its great it might become my main string.8/10


The reason the string felt weird after a week and a half of playtime is because your supposed to change the string once you use it for 12 hours of playtime

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say who? who told you this lie?


Yeah,really there is no set time to change your string you just change iit when ever needed…


Im sure I wouldn’t want to put butter in my yoyo… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I would want to coat my string in butter though

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Did it look like this?:

Did you have significant problems binding it?