Jayyo's review of my string

Demon8828 contacted me a while back asking if I could try some of his new string.

I accepted the offer and within a few days, I received the strings.

Look: Nice blended colors. Simple, but unique. Bright, but not blindingly so.

Feel and play: I felt the string in my fingers and was surprised by the nice soft and slick feel of the threads. Slides well through the fingers without being abrasive which can cause string burn. I put the string on my skywalker and threw some tricks at it. The string feels quite a bit heavier then normal strings. This makes slack and whip tricks quite easy and fun. The string makes a nice swoosh as it flies through the air putting a smile on your face. I tried a few suicide tricks. Stays open well with good string tension. My only issue with the string was the way it handled tension. For those who have tried alchemy string, you know what I mean. The string plays great but the tention has to be absolutely perfect or you will get the string kinking up . Once you find the perfect mix of tight and loose though, this string works wonders.

Durability: I threw both strings to their fullest. Both lasted an incredibly long time.
I played my skywalker for 2 solid weeks with the same string seriously, and only then did it start to show signs of age. The other was on my No.9 which is a heavier yoyo, and that lasted a bit over a week. Outstanding life on these, quite awesome.

I see a great product here, and demon8828 did a great job with this string.
Look out for them soon, don’t miss your chance!


pics coming soon with the string on yoyos and whatnot.


pm if interested

wiat, you reviewed your own string, or why is jay on this account?

Jayyo wrote the review and then sent it to demon8828 to post. Correct me if I’m wrong.

is this string for sale?

Jump you are right and yes they are