Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger 's String (My take on it.)

Man just when I thought I couldn’t write one more review I find myself here again. (I haven’t done many so please be nice.) First I would like to thank the good Yo-Yo Ranger for giving me the oppurtunity to try out his string. Overall I found our back and forth conversations were worthy of being noted almost as much as his string. I never had to wait very long for a response, and sometimes quality communication like that is hard to find. So having talked a bit about the management of his string making establishment let’s talk Product.
Each string I found had little to really no string flaw in it. Each string had a unique feel that really points towards repeating customers developing favorite types much the same way a repeating customer of “Baskin Robins” developes a favorite flavor of Ice Cream. They’re all good, but you have that one you like best. Most of my testing was on a Dv888, and from this I found that most strings provided a good set of play that opened me up to different tricks each time.
What a string. I really hate comparing to my work, but I haven’t used many other types other than alchemy and yye poly… Well atleast not extensively. That being said this string reminds me of my old school “Sollano Sweetness”. Something that not many throwers will be able to relate to, but in short it plays like a dream. It whips, it does suicides, it does well… everything. It feels a little stiffer than my old favorite, but at a more affordable price I wish I knew the secret behind this masterpiece. (Mine were discontinued due to cost problems) Thus I told him through comunication, and I say it again you have one heck of a string on your hands sir.
This string has a sort of floaty feel that will work well with suicide player, and it holds tension pretty well for the string trick masters who like to get their Jedi awesomeness going. Anywho as the name implies this string is nice on the hands, and helps reduce the relative amount of string burn you will suffer if try to play like (Insert yoyoer of choice here). Whiping fans will probably like this string, but not love it parsay. The softness comes with a price, but if you really only do simple whips like me you’ll love this string.
Do you like polyester? Of course you do, and this string gives you all the poly, or pauly goodness with just a hint of Yo-Yo ranger flavor. This string plays like an all in one that whips just a hair better than it suicides, but overall I found this string really gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. It played well held tension, and really gave me nothing to complain about. overall bravo sir.
The one Normal that I did test before this review was one of the best suicide strings I have played in a long time. I hit combos like suicide chopsticks with dead accuracy. The phrase “I could take a drink of coffee or soda” comes to mind in thinking about how the loop opens up except well to be honest I think I could go to my gas station buy a drink and pound it before I had to worry about catching the loop this string creates. Whip throwers will want to request this string be made tighter, or maybe even other types. I think it has enough to be a good all around string, but to do that it needs a tighter weave. On the plus side string trick fast players with love the soft feel with relatively light bounce. (Not to much not to little)
Thick Chick
Finally the whipiest of the strings reviewed here the thick chick. I really want to bring up how well it whips. It whips like a beast. It does that little air cutting trick that I work really hard to create. Again I hate comparing to my stuff, but if you were to take the smooth feel of a Truck Driving Girl, and merge that with the handling of a Del Norte Double Wide you would have the Thick Chick. Understand this string is no dumby it’s on the money. The only thing I found that may come off as negative, and please don’t take it that way is that it was a little slippy for my Dv888, and I found my consistent binds came when I switched over to my xminusmikex FHZ Mod. Then it played. Oh yeah played like a kitten with a ball of string.

In conclusion. I just gotta say we have a winner winner chicken dinner right here. I wish you the best Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger, and I hope we do business again soon.

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