SnakeSkin String: A Jump Review.

First off, I’d like to thank Born2YoYo for giving me these five strings for the review. Thank you very much! Please note that this is my very first review, so it may not be as long as most consider a good a review to be, but I’ll try my best to give accurate info as well as my honest opions.

First Impresions
At first glance, the very first thing to pop into my mind when I first saw this string, is, wow. These are THICK strings, maybe type 10 or above, I’m not sure. The colors were fantastic, and they felt as soft as can be. So far, I am impressed.

Tech and Play
After slapping one onto my New Breed, and cutting it to my correct length, I was good to go.
On the first throw, I was mesmerized by how smooth and soft these strings played.
What I love about these strings is how durable they are, while maintaining a soft-not fuzzy-texture.
The binds were fanatasic, with zero snagage so far. But then again, I was playing it on my monster gaped New Breed, so I decided to try the strings on multiple yoyos. I put one on my Dark Magic, and again, had zero snags. But these strings are not the least bit slippy either. I played one string on my Genesis, which normaly has a slipping problem, but again, these strings corrected the problem.
My only real problem with the strings is that because of the thickness, they tend to stay a little looser than I like, so be careful when doing sidewinders and other string loosining tricks, as the strings may get to lose and come off the yoyo. Not a problem if you’re cautious of your string tension though.

Final Thoughts
Again, love the colors, very bright and beautiful in the sunlight. The tension could be a little tighter, but that’s really more a matter of preference than a problem. And on a side note, I found no noticible difference between the different colors. All played the same, except the muti color string was a little rough, could use some smoothining out.
Overall a fantastic string, and those who love thick string will be swept away with how well these strings play.

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good review, justbecareful of you typos and stuff thickness, slippery, and don’t use made up words " snagage" just write " snags"

Thanks jump! This is a very good first review. I didn’t know your preference for tension, and these are actually 6 threads…

6 Threads still have great tension. And yes i have tried them and the string is loose, but they are never the less good string. If you really think thats a problem I suggest to born2yoyo to have losse or tight tension for options

Where can i get’em

PM me…

hey sorry i couldn’t get to you sooner… :-\

PMed ;D