yoyoGstring sse review

so a while ago i won the string burn live contest by answering “rice stacks” to the question “what kind of hubstack did chris rice make?” i got a FH0 and i was kind of dissapointed that that is what i got (great yoyo and i love it, but the next episode was an icon and i wanted one, and now i can not enter for 6 months), and i was almost more happy about the terapin x and the g string. so i get it and i realized the terapin x is a sized and i only have c sized yoyos besides my 2 fh0s. so i am somewhat sad, but i tried the string in my new punchline…

so i decided to go with the sse (slack suicide edition) because i enjoy the flashiness of slacks and suicides but i always have trouble with them. my first thought was how strong, durable, and somewhat stiff it felt. i had a hard time unwinding the end because of the stiffness. when i finally got it in the yoyo, i threw my first throw. the punchline slept. i binded (bound, bounded?). not bad so far. snappy bind, but then again it was a new yoyo. so i decided to bust out a few slacks, starting with revolutions. it was pretty nice. again the string was a little stiff and un-broken-in, so i decided to just play for an hour without thinking about the string. after that hour it felt less stiff. again i pulled revolutions, and again it was beautiful. the nice red color helped. but yeah, it was still new. i decided to continue to throw and as i did, i noticed how well the tention still held even after 2 hours of straight play. i probably loosened it twice. that was day one.

about two weeks later, it still played like a champ. my normal string was used and could not hold tention at all at this point. this string was good.

a month later and i decide i need to try more string. Gstring rocks. the string does loose tention now easier but it has been a month and it still keeps it better than my normal 50/50 after 2 weeks. there is no sign that the string will break any time soon either so i could keep going.

if you want string that will last, help you learn/improve suicides and slacks, then get this string. if you don’t, then you should still get it if you like normal tricks. i rairly got string burn. if you want string burn and hate string that keeps string tention and lasts months, then you are a weird person and should look at pure conton.