G-string review

'Ello peeps, writing a review of intentus and SSE G-string cuz they are so ub3r…lets start with Intentus


I read sooo many good things about G-string so I had to buy some when I ordered my M1. Yin interviewed Paul and he said intentus means tension in latin or greek or martian or w/e and it was supposed to have good string tension all the time but that’s not what this review is about. So I waited anxiously for the M1 to arrive with my string and when it arrived it just so happens my dad saw me putting it in my pocket and he got very very very mad that I didn’t inform him, me and my mom have these secret conversations :-X. After the whole lecture about spending my own money and how its valuable and how its not worth spending on a yoyo I finally get to throw it (of course I got some intentus on) and I’m like, this is any old regular string but REMEMBER, that was one I had no idea what the hoozle was string tension and I had no intent on starting whips and slacks and suicides anytime soon. So I was like “bleh” and thats when I bought some PF string and fell in love with that. After I could do wrist whip, jade whip, plastice whip, slack 2or0, and slack GT I decided to put some intentus back on and I finally realized, it is sooo AMAZING. The whips I hit 9/10 times, suicides probably half the time, and slacks had this huge loop to put my finger in. It was just amazing. The tension was what I was surprised on. I probably missed 10 wrist whips and lacerations and it still held its shape perfectly and I could still easily land a suicide with it. Only problem is I dont have enough so gotta restock on them soon. And BTW intentus just plays sooo fast on string tricks and I could do a quadruple lindy loop and it didn’t snap back at my hand. That wraps it up for intentus lets take a look at SSE.


This is when I got my P2 and I decided to try some new G-string. As usual my dad got spazzy about the P2 but eventually he was cool with it and I let him try it. Guess what? HE DINGED IT RIGHT AWAY!!! I was sooo mad…but he bought me a frappucino so I was happy :P. After a few days I decided to get some SSE G-string as I was in to suicides and slack tricks now and SSE stands for “suicide slack edition”. After exactly 7 days I saw the package and tore it open. Inside I found 1 FREE CC (Cotton core) string that I will review once I put it on, and guess what? 9 strings… I emailed paul about it and hes sending some freebies to me so once again, I’m happy. ONTO THE PLAY. This thing DELIVERS. The suicide loop i can fit my whole freakin’ hand in, its that big. I can now land suicide 7/10 times and I just got 4 in a row a few minutes ago. The slacks, this is where its crazy, I closed my eyes and on purpose aimed like 3 inches off and BAM, I landed the slack 2or0. I was like “HOLY COW…”, this string is the one I will now use forever more, to show off. The string tension I actually realized now, isn’t as good as Intentus but I missed 10 suicides and the loop was still GINORMOUS (spelling?). I prefer Intentus for mega l_33T string tricks but if you wanna show off suicides and slacks, then get SSE. Opps, fotgot to talk about whips. Ya remember how I said I hit whips 9/10 times with intentus? Well, I hit whips 10/10 times with SSE. Its pretty darn amazing for me. This stuff is not made of poleyester…its made of magic, just pure magic. Well, that wraps it up for my longest review ever and I look forward to review my CC string once I get the chance. Bye everyone!

P.S. CC is 50/50 in case you guys wanted to know.

Just decided to slap on some CC string so here’s my review.


So I got to put on some CC string cuz I just felt like it would be good but then again I never liked 50/50, I have to say this stuff is different. I’m like “sweet momma!”, this ain’t no 50/50! Before breaking it in it felt more rough then SSE and Intentus so I was like great…but when I put it on DANG it good! Lets go to ratings…
Slacks: 10/10
String tricks:9/10
This is a good suicide string when brand spanking new but after a while I just dont think its better then SSE, I still think its better than intentus tho. Slacks are like AMAZING. Every time I do slack 2or0 the string catches on my wrist but when I use CC it catches on my index which is perfect. String tricks are really good, I had this squeeky scratchy noise when I unscrew my yoyo so my dad made me a deal that if he put this weird stuff on and breaks it he will pay for a brand new P2. At that point I was hoping he would ruin it…but that stuff is like a miracle, it stopped the noise and string play was actually a lot smoother. The string play with CC is good and fast but I dont think its as fast as Intentus. Call me crazy but this string is like the best string for hops, like I never land kwijibo on any other string but then CC just blows me away, I land kwijibo probably 8/10 times. What REALLY blew me away was the whips. Remember how I said the I hit whips every time on SSE? Well, this is like SSE times 10 when doing whips, like I can do a jade whip with my eyes closed. This is my new MAIN whip string. So at the moment here are my uses of strings.

SSE: For suicides and slacks.

Intentus: For string tricks and multiple string layers.

CC: For whips and some string tricks.

I hope to try out some regular and PX soon but until then Good bye!!

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Very, very, very good review! Thats the length of reviews people should do.