G-string help.

Hey guys! I’m on a quest for another amazing string (dont worry jeremy, I still love PF string ;)). I’m leaning towards the G-string TH but can you guys rate how good each type of g string is other than intentus at a scale from 1-10 on slack, suicide, speed, and whip capabilities? If you only tried a few then plz rate still. Thanks!

Do you want me to compare them to Perfect Fit Strings?

no, just say how good they are to you, not compared to any strings.

Well thats pretty hard to do, since it’s all preference. I can compare to Perfect Fit Strings from my opinion, but how good they are is tricky.

Ok then, plz compare to PF string :). I think that would actually be better.

Ok, I’ll give it my best shot.

G-String is a bit thinner than Perfect Fits, I prefer this, but of course some people like thicker string better. Slack tricks are good on both, but I prefer G-String over this. They just feel right to me. Suicides are also taken by G-String, Perfect fits don’t hold tention well in my opinion, or when they do got bad tension it is hard to fix due to how well it holds it. Speed is taken by Perfect Fits String, They are just faster to me. And whips are surely taken by Perfect Fits, its whips are simply amazing, I can do Double Hook much easier than any other string. Overall, I like G-String better, thickness, Suicides, and slacks are better on G-String. But Perfect Fits also play super well.

So, I like G-String better, who knows, you might prefer Perfect Fits over G-String. I would still try G-String to see what you like.

I tried intentus and I DEFINANTLY prefer it over PF for slacks. I got a plastic whip down on first try and on PF string it takes a couple. I also agree that the string tension get easily messed up. You were referring to which G-string type? Was it TH? Becuz thats the one I was looking for.

I honestly don’t know which tipe, I tried my friend’s and bought a few off him. But I know he got it off www.onedropyoyos.com .

If you go to the gstring web site you can read what each type of string is meant for and i’ve used each he has and they are all great. My favorite is the SSE (slack, suicide edition) or the INT (intentus).

I know its just that SSE doesn’t have colors that would match my yoyo and TH has a blue one so I like that one better. Anyone ever tried TH G-string?

Well, thats why its called Perfect Fit. Its supposed to be more fit to the gap.

I do not see how that has anything to do with TH string ???. Anyways I’m no thinking of getting some SSE so any one know how that plays?

There was a post earlier…

O srry :-[. Well, I have to disagree with you becuz Perfect Fit was just a name for stirng and isn’t supposed to mean anything other than its string. I mean is a Mustang (the cars) really horse? Is gatorfloss string really floss the alligators use? I dont want to start an argument I just wanted to say.

Perfect Fit String is supposedly supposed to be a “perfect fit” for the yo-yoer. It is obviously also based on preference, though.

As for G-String formats, you can’t really go wrong with Intentus or SSE.

Do you have any more to say baout SSE? I got intentus already and I have to say its great. Can you rate them on slacks, whips, and whatever else I said in the beginning of the thread?

I have thrown a G-String SSE and they are good but I made perfect fit to my personal preferences on string and they are not prefect for all. If you like the feel of 100% poly then G-String, Chaos ect ect ect are where you should look. There is a lot of good string company out there you need to look for what you want and use them.

Also the name was created by my wife, I wanted to call it Big Me String… Made for the freakishly tall.

Go for it Paul makes a good product.

Sorry I had to clear things up before it goes south.

Just ordered some 40" long Lime-aid SSE g-string for a discounted price. I normaly use string around 35" becuz I dont wanna ding my yoyo on like concrete or tile floor. Anyone know how long it takes for it to arrive in the US?

You should try the sample pack as well, so that you can try them all and see which format fits your personally preference.

I was thinking of a sample pack but I just wanted to try out a couple SSE and buy 10 of those instead of 2 of each. And i dont like the colors of some :stuck_out_tongue: