G String Thoughts and Review: SSE, PX, NOLY, and GITD Formats

This is my first experience with G String, and I thought that there were some very unique aspects to each format well worth sharing.


Unfortunately, I have to say that SSE just doesn’t seem to want to deliver the goods when it comes to suicides. It’s really just a hit or miss when it comes to that. Sometimes the loop will flare out great, but it just seems to succumb to tension too quickly for something that’s advertised as specializing in suicides and slack maneuvers. Quite honestly, I actually found this one to perform the worst in this area than all of the other formats I tried. I would not say, though that it’s a bad string by any means. It feels great during play - nice and soft, surprisingly even in high humidity situations, and it’s definitely a nice step up from standard polyester string.


The PX format was probably my most boggling experience of all the G String formats. First off, this stuff is HUGE! They describe it on the website as being comparable to “rope” and that’s exactly what comes to mind when looking at this string. There is a nice upside to this. I had been craving more response out of my 5mm+ gapped YYF yoyos, and this string is the perfect solution. It makes for a smooth descent and a nice snap on trick binds. Like I said, though, I’d probably only recommend this string for yoyos with larger gaps that you’re craving more response out of. Otherwise you might experience more snagging than anything else. Also, being very thick means it’s also very heavy, making it great for whips and lacerations while still maintaining a 100% polyester feel and also holding up relatively well in slightly windy conditions. It is admittedly a bit rough on the fingers to start out, but it softens up great with some break in time.


If you were expecting an Alchemy or Chaos 422 clone, you were sorely mistaken. G String’s polyester/nylon combo is nearly as thick as the PX format, but even heavier and rougher, and a bit stiffer on the fingers than Alchemies or 422s. But, on a brand new string, I’m finding my lacerations are quicker than I can catch them, particularly Brent Stoles. They do soften and loosen up quite well without too much break in time. After this, the whipping capabilities do dwindle a bit, but still easily outperform most any other yoyo string in this respect. Again, they are a thick string, so they’ll be best on a wide gapped yoyo.


These are my favorite all around players of all the formats I tried. They hold tension great, they feel great during play - soft but just a bit of stiffness which reassures you you’re playing with a sturdy string. They also handle whips and lacerations very well, especially considering they’re a thinner string. I also got great snappy binds even in my 5mm gapped YYF Boss. The glow in the dark capabilities are very cool, but I didn’t really find it noticeably visible unless under complete darkness, which cuts into practicality considerably. Even then I did find myself straining to be able to actually see what I was doing. The website says these are basically the Intentus (INT) format with glow in the dark thread, and if that’s the case, unless you plan on throwing in complete darkness, which is a cool sort of tripped out experience, go for the INT format for a fantastic all around string.

Overall Experience

I got the strings fast considering location and distance, and the sticker decal that was sent with the order went straight on my windshield. The printed sleeves wrapped around each bundle of string added a very nice personal touch as well. Overall, I’d say that G String is a safe investment if you’re looking for a unique string to put on your favorite throw, and I eagerly await my chance to try out the other formats. Order through yoyogstring.com.

I’m a little unsure of which one to get.