Yoyogstring review.

I bought some gstrings from Paul when summer started, and all I can say is that this string is awesome and I dont even want to think about ever loosing him as a seller. I bought the 3 types that he had for sale at the moment, the solo, the sc(soft core), and the nolly.

Solo: The solo was by far on of the best string i have tried in the last year. This string is very soft and plays like any other soft bouncy bulk string but 10X better. The new string bounce on this string last a longer then any other string I have, had, and will have. But the kicker is that this string last a really long time. I could play with the same string for weeks,this goes for all his strings. It does it all, suicides, slacks, whips, you name it it can do it.
-I know ever string have there flaws but this string has little to none. The only thing I’ve found that was odd was…nothing. I really love this string.

SC: The SC was also outstanding. I can really get some speed with this string. You can play with this string as fas as you want and will give you little to none when it comes to finger burns. Its as goon as the solo but gives it that no burn surface every one likes.
-Same as the solo, nothing i can say bad about this string.

Nolly: The nolly is his nylon version version of strings. The play is great when it comes to suicides whips, hooks, and all those other good things people like about nylon string. At first i did not really like it because I was not able to perform chopstick suicides as easy as with the other 2 strings, but after a hour of breaking in play, i was able perform tricks that involves slacks and suicides way better then the solo and sc.

  • This string has some low points but none that can turn me away from ever buying more. It seems to have some problems hen it gets old. The section of the string that is closest to the bearing tends to get messy, all you need to do to fix it is just tighten it and hold it tight for a few seconds. Thats all.

    I know I could have added more info about each string but I’m gona leave it vague for a reason. I want all who are reading this review to go to the site and buy some and try them for yourself.
    Words can’t describe how much joy this string has gave to me, even ordering it was bliss, I emailed Paul himself for what i should get and what he recommends and he would always reply as soon as he can. He is also always taking feed back from his buyers and improving his strings. I dont want to see a great hand made yoyo string maker like him to die-off like gaterstring, graoustring, and more that are not coming to mind at the moment, I want to still buy from him for as long as I can.
    But at the end of the day, sure you can buy a 100pack of kittystring or whatever you prefer but you will never get close to gstring quality anywhere else. If you have any questions you can ask me or email Paul himself for more info.
    Thanks for your time reading this everyone.

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If anyone wants to leave the name of their personal favorite string and a few comments about it, please do so. I would enjoy reading your comments.

Noly is a nylon/poly blend. Hence the word “noly”.

Yup, I forgot that it was not 100% nylon. I used to read his site a lot until he took down the main page and only left the buy page.
But this string is awesome.

I’ve been using the same Noly for two weeks now. Good stuff.

I haven’t bought any gstring since back when he had a ton of different models but I still have a few of one of the old types left (intentus maybe, I don’t remember) and it’s up there with yysl type x as the best string I’ve played. Will probably try out some solo gstring next time I get some string to see how it compares.

You can do anything with any string but unlike bearings where I think everything is pretty good and the best of the best is only slightly better than the generic stuff, the right string really makes a big difference imo.

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If you thought his string was awesome when you tried it in the past you should take a look at it now. I bought some SOLO from yye around late February and loved the color and feel. A few weeks later I ended up finishing them, also my friends started trading me some graoustring and much more. What im trying to get at that when it came time to order some more i ordered it from Paul directly. They came in a week later, I put it on my fav throws, I played with it and much more. What I noticed that it was not the same, it was way better. I ended up emailing him giving him my thoughts about how awesome it was. I tuns out that he is always making his string better with the help from replies and feed back comments he receives.
I try to buy some every other month but I out of cash not that fall semester has started.
p.s He has a sale at the moment, only down side is that you have to have a cart<$20. Im gona buy alot when I have the cash^^.

He updated his site recently. This time around you will need to be a member in order to order string. He will be sending a password to your email about once a month. This passwords will allow entrance to the site. His will be having better deals, rare colors, new formats, and old formats for a very limited time and a very limited number.