Yoyo GString on indefinite hiatus

Went to the GString page today and saw the message:

Man… by the time I found GString, there was really only the SOLO format available. I got some, but I always wanted to try some of his other stuff. I recently bought more GString, having discovered that in a great many of my yoyos, I prefer a thinner string that performs at that level.

I haven’t been around for the history of that company, and nor do I have much experience with it beyond the SOLO format I’ve learned to love, but I do know that Paul has made a significant impact on people in the community beyond the G-Strings line (and I imagine will continue to be involved), and that recently his advice to up-and-coming boutique string makers has been invaluable.

Thanks for everything, Paul! Looking forward to seeing you around here, still. :wink:

Here’s what’s left at YYE:


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Bummer. GString is great.

Greg, if we meet at NER, I’ll give you some of the Bounce and Noly format to try. I’ve still got a lot of each left.

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I may be wrong but I have a good feeling that Paul makes the CLYW string now.

I remember when i started 2.5 years ago they were really popular, but even then they weren’t making much string and since then they’ve had releases here and there at various stores but never really pumped it out the way a lot of the new comers have been able to do.

I went there because i heard of a sale. Did not realize my source was 2 years old. :’(

I’ve tried the glow, and TBH, I was disappointed. It made every bind slippy, didn’t glow that great, and was very expensive.

Paul is the man. He got people excited about a new level of string beyond the basic stuff. Without him I never would have considered making string for the community.

Thanks Paul, and have fun with your new focus.

i remember gettin’ my first g-string in '06. i think it was pink lemonade s/se (the first run). i used gstring exclusively (more or less - to the best of my intent) every since then…i finally settled on the px format. which is basically like rope.

no one, to the best of my knowledge, was makin’ ‘homemade’ string at the time. gstring was the first - to my recollection. or perhaps i should say, the first organized ‘3rd party’ retailer. before the rest…always the best.

the quality, consistent craftsmanship that paul put into each thread was unmatched and unequaled. those that knew gstring, knew the best.

this is a yoyoin’ milestone for me - the comin’ and now goin’ of gstring. a point in yoyoin’ history that will forever define what yoyoin’ is all 'bout to me. much love, paul :slight_smile: