G string feed back

Ok. Listen. Ive heard of honeymooning over yoyos but this is the first time I have had a string that made me excited. Not only is the packaging super nice but the string feels so uniquely amazing

For starters, Paul is a great dude to do business with. He also has a lot of experience in making strings to my knowledge. My first order of G strings was the SOLO format from here on yoyoexpert.

They come in bundles of 10. I know some of you might think ‘well why buy this when I can get 100x bulk string for less than 20$…’ listen, I do not blame anyone for thinking that. I still keep a stash of a certain bulk brand. But This was beyond my expectations.

The initial break in in period was lovely. The string fresh before I even put it on my yoyo just had this amazing soft feeling. It holds its tension very nicely and it easily lasts a lot longer than the bulk strings I use.

I live in Florida so it gets really humid here. Normally my strings succumb to the moisture and start feeling grimy after a while of I yoyo outside. Ive been using the same string for 3 days and I dont mean a few minutes of play a day. Ive taken a yoyo EVERYWHERE with the same string on it and have been putting it on different yoyos to just see how long it holds up. If I was to guesstimate I would say 10 hours of use So far. My SOLO g string has not gotten that grimy feeling yet and is still holding strong. As the string got more used, it gradually got softer.

I was so beyond impressed with this string that I bought every format G strings has to offer as of right now that is not SOLO and will tell you guys what else I think.


How thick are they and how long do they last if you used these before the drop and is it good for very dense tech tricks


It is deffinitely thin enough to hold its own in some denser tricks without snagging up. Your definition vs my definition of “dense” may differ but…
@gsimian may be able to give a more accurate description of its thickness and how many strands used in his SOLO format.


Ok thanks for answering my questions

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I’ll add on that I currently have some UX I’ve been enjoying. I’m gradually moving away from pure poly but this is in my current top 2 for poly strings.

Slightly thicker than the Kitty Thick I have on hand, but definitely not a thicc boi. I really like where it lies on the spectrum of bouncy vs taut, if that makes any sense to people. That’s my favorite aspect of the string.

Based on @FrankieJR‘s description, id say it doesn’t last quite as long as SOLO, but mine hasn’t yet gotten to the “so gross I can’t use it” point after a few hours of play when I generally max out at about an hour for bulk poly. My favorite aspect of poly strings are the period before they are 100% worn in and it definitely takes longer to get there than on standard fresh poly.

There are some boutique poly strings that last longer (and some that don’t last as long) but those have other issues in feel, tension etc… that make them less appealing to me, and G String is at a lower price point than a lot of other options.

Also @FrankieJR should be getting some of the UX soon and can give a better comparison between formats.


Yea I got all the formats coming. And I want to add I am not a shill lol. I am a PAYING consumer for these. Im not getting any “perks” for this. Just giving honest opinions.
I just want to mention that sense I may come off overly hype. But when credit is due…


Im very excited my IG just got picked for some freebies. I was sold on the g string by your post so i’m happy to try them out.


i just got a pack thrown in with some throws i picked up… cool beans…


Curious if anyone else has had as great of an experience as I have had with these. Please let me know if I am just crazy.