yoyoGstring - out of hibernation?

So…Hello. ::slight_smile:

My name is Paul and I (still) make G-String.
Now, if you joined the yoyo community in the last 3 years or so you’ve probably never even HEARD of G-String. That’s cool.

If you do remember my work…hey, how’s it going?

I’ve been sitting back from string making and focussing on my new love of personal fitness and racing triathlons. The training and work time has been huuuge so G-String fell by the wayside.

However, I’ve been missing all the fun I had chatting with, and developing new designs and formats with, the yoyo community…hence this post.

I was wondering if there was any interest out there in me re-booting this project?
Does everyone find true happiness in mass-produced mexican or Philippine polyester?
May I be so bold as to offer (honestly, in many peoples opinions) a superior alternative?

Feel free to post your views and words in this thread and I’ll check back in a bit to join in any, IF any - it has been awhile for me - responses are made.

Thanks for your time.
/Yeah, I might be back



I would support this.

G-String made the only thin string format worth anything. :slight_smile: Would be interested to try something out at regular thickness, too, but I never had the chance!

I would be interested in trying something new. While i LOVE cloud strings I dont love 4 bucks a pop. I didnt know i liked thin string until I tried the clouds, but now im interested in trying others as well. I dont expect anthing one way or the other, so yea, i am game.

I can say that I would happily make a purchase

Count me in.

heck yes g string was my favorite string by far…

Yes! Please come back; we need you.

g string!!! I got a 10 pack of that in like 2011 and it lasted me all summer. glad to see you’re back

I find a nylon/polyester blend is my favorite type of string.

Heck yea!

Dat name Doe. My childhood lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still have some black, Oh Canada, Cotton Candy (Or was it Bubble Gum), and other colors whose names I forget that were probably from '07 back during the YoYoNation days.

Got any for sale yet? I want to try them. :slight_smile:

I still have some fresh G-String, Paul. =)

I only ever had tried one kind of your string but enjoyed it. Little thin, but still liked it :slight_smile:

Definitely try some again :slight_smile:

Your string was the best, man. I still have a good stash but would love the opportunity to purchase more and to see some new types!

Still got some!
Would love to see a return.

This would be the coolest

I would love to try some!

Ahhh man it was only about 6 months after i started throwing seriously you started making string and i loooooved it. i would totally buy some string from you man.