YoYoExpert will now be stocking yoyoGstring!


After a quick email chat with Andre at YoYoExpert I have officially re-entered the world of wholesale yoyoGstring orders!


INFO: http://yoyogstring.com/blog/re-stock/yoyoexpert-will-now-be-stocking-yoyogstring/



Awesome. I have some of your string and it’s great. Very nice string.


I would highly recommend yoyo Gstring. I ordered a whole bunch about 6 months ago and it probably my favorite string. Great thickness and feel, breaks in well and lasts long. Glad to see it spreading to yoyoexpert.




I think I speak for most of us when I say it’s about time! =D


(Owen) #6

I have a Gstring from like 2 years ago that is still playable.

this stuff is great.


Finally! I still have the og peak string :smiley:


Me too! It’s awesome!