A Returning Yo-Yoer's Review of all the new highfalutin strings

Full introduction included(you’re here for yoyo paraphernalia anyway). I’ve been yoyoing since I was a pup, but *dropped it(*yoyo humor, more to come) when I finished school and got a job…and then…and so on. Of course you always show off those skills whenever possible but I just got all *wrapped up. The only thing that finally had my yo’s sitting in a box for good was I ran out of string. Now when I was *coming up the best thing for me and my yoyos was slick 6 yyj string. Stuff was awesome. I had a thick stack of 100 and plenty of yos so no biggie. Also I was using a different yoyo store then and it just seemed super pretentious so I *threw in the yoyo towel.

Well as I said the yoyo string was finally *whipped and I had nothing left and no store to buy from. Time passed. I was always a yyj  kind of guy, yoyofactory was a joke(at least I didn't take them serious), duncan was just there, yomega was way gone. Enter the summer of 2013 which was kind of a *let down. I was filled with ennui and wanted something to do with my hands. I told my lady when we go to a big city I want to find a store to buy a yoyo, because as I said I didn't have a store of my own yet. Bam yoyofactory protostar vg champion's version in my hands. It was so cool to yoyo again. I loved it and ate up a ton of tutorials. Time to *throw down. It came with a string but I needed more. So I'm looking online and hey André Boulay has a shop set up, lets check it out. I remeber his trick website that had the best tutorials. I won't mention the site in case he's no longer affiliated. And as I said before I was a yyj boy growing up. I still have a cracked x con.

Holy Moly there is a ton of different string now. Well lets get a couple of different brands and see what *comes up on *top(double humor awesomeness)

Official Review start: Humor aside

I got yoyo g-strings, yoyo string lab, candy wires, and Toxic strings. Every single one of these strings were great. Some better then others, and I really appreciate these companies.


These went on my Duncan freehand. As good as expected. Color did not stay as long as I wanted but this is my “work” yoyo. That way if I need to drop it and have a *freehand I can. Im not that good at 5A but the string was very enjoyable to play

-Yoyo String Lab-

I’ll admit that I did not think highly of these strings at first, but I put it on my go to yoyo a yoyofactory onestar Paul Han champion version. I must say I am really impressed by this string. It has really been fun to whip with, color has held well, and the string still has life. I will definitely be exploring yysl more.

-Candy Wires-

These went on my DV888 and there were a great fit. They have been just right from the get go. String has a nice thickness. I think the colors could be better and out of all the strings I received these were the shortest. I like a longish string.

-Toxic Strings-

These went on my protostar. Ok these strings were so good I had to look into what makes them so amazing. I actually had real correspondence with Evan at Toxic and these are all his answers. First I asked how he got such good material for the strings he said: The material comes from the softest parts of the softest animal. The underbelly of alpacas is gently shaved and used to spin the strands for toxic(imported). Wow I thought that’s amazing. I then asked about the shine and color duration which were ridiculously good. He said that each string is soaked in a special solution then dried. Of course he didn’t want to tell me everything but eventually told me. Apparently they are soaking all toxic strings in the most pure and innocent solution available. The tears shed from a virgin on her wedding night, for there is nothing that can give the appropriate shine to their product(obviously imported). Lastly I asked how he got so much weight into the strings and his explanation made perfect sense. He said that each string from beginning to end is taught about something very important and weighty. That of responsibility.The weight of Responsibility to the yoyoer, the customer, and most importantly the world. Suffice it to say I’m a big Toxic fan now. Awesome product.

Thanks for reading A Yo-Yoer’s Review of all the new highfalutin strings

                                                                                                        -Forrest Gump