For those of you who use G string...


what format do you use and why?

I am interested in trying G string but I am hesitant about what format to get.


I like Intetnus. However, now all I use is Perfect Fit String.


what is perfect fit string?

also would a good substitute for G-string be angel hair or demon string?


Message Ape7566. He makes it. Its my favorite, a nylon and poly blend. However, I think hes gonna make some 100% poly soon.


I just got Tye-Dye- It’s great G-string and cheap. ;D


is there a website for it? and which forum is he on?


No site - Yet  :wink:

Why, hes on this forum!;u=262
Great guy, and I am sure he will be easy to do buisness with  :wink:

(Jeromy K.) #8

Just drop me a message and I do make costom colors. ;D